Round Six: The Smith Family

Bachelor Updates: More contestants will continue to be posted throughout the upcoming days. I’m currently organizing contestants and coming up with a game plan.

General Sims: I had some gift cards stashed away for a rainy day, so I will be picking up the Spooky and Kitchen Stuff packs, along with new expansion that comes out next week!!! I had forgotten about the gift cards and thought I’d be passing on some new Sims products for awhile, so this is very exciting. 🙂

Lifespan: I’ve switched the lifespan of the Community Town back to “normal”. I wanted something a bit longer than “normal”, but I’ve decided “long” is way too long. They need something in between like they had in the Sims 3.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Smith Family

11-18-15_11-37-01 AM

Colleen has been on a fruitcake kick. She keeps make gourmet fruitcake and leaving it on the counter. John eats it, enjoys eating it because she’s a good cook, but then feels weird after because it’s fruitcake.

11-23-15_1-20-48 PM

John has been busy trying to become a doctor. I’m not sure his bosses would approve of him holding a beverage over the computer for the X-Ray machine, but he was tired and needed a boost.

When John isn’t at work, he’s home making repairs (or “upgrades”) to household appliances.

11-23-15_9-51-10 AM

He’s also taken up woodworking.

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And he is trying to make a rocket in the backyard.

11-18-15_12-02-23 PM11-18-15_11-42-30 AM

When not doing those things, he can be found practicing his logic skills or working out (he was a bit sick in the second photo).

11-23-15_9-47-16 AM11-23-15_9-46-42 AM

They moved to a new house (near the Valentine house)…it’s a bit smaller, but the backyard is huge. Their new neighbors came over to welcome them. Of course, they brought fruitcake (it’s a new trend). John was still eating his breakfast, but he invited Kris and Amber to join him.

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The new house has plenty of room for Colleen’s frog, element and fossil collections.

She has also been collecting these dolls which she has uncovered in mysterious looking time capsules while digging for fossils.

11-30-15_9-32-44 AM

Frog hunting!

11-22-15_11-23-28 AM


11-23-15_9-50-17 AM


So, that’s what has been going on in the Smith Household this week.

Round Six: The Smith Family Summary


  • Aspirations: Chief of Mischief 3, Public Enemy 1, Renaissance Sim 2, Nerd Brain 2, Joke Star 1,
  • Currently working on: Becoming a Doctor, Launching a rocket
  • Career: Assistant Nurse
  • Skills: 7- Logic; 6- Mischief; 5- Charisma; 4- Programming, Handiness, Comedy; 3- Cooking, Fitness; 2- Rocket Science; 1- Piano, Video Gaming, Gardening
  • Friends: Colleen
  • Romantic Interests: Megera (minor)
  • Three items from inventory: fruitcake, ozinate (element), bunny sculpture
  • Traits: Childish, Genius, Quick Learner, Good, Never Weary (new)
  • 6 days to adult


  • Aspiration: Curator 3
  • Working on: completing a collection
  • Career: Collecting/selling
  • Skills: 6- cooking; 4- mischief; 3- comedy; 2- video gaming, fishing, logic; 1- charisma, fitness, gardening, gourmet cooking, mixology, writing
  • Three items from inventory: all frogs
  • Traits: Bro, Art Lover, Observant (new), Collector, Loner, Speed Reader (new), Speed Cleaner (new)
  • 7 days to adult





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