Bachelor Contestant #1: Simone

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Sim for the Bachelor 4.2! There are a lot of wonderful Simmies hoping to catch the heart of our eligible Bachelor, Cannon!

I’m happy to say that ALL 10 Sims submitted will be in the competition! Normally, I only take 7, but I have a plan on how to utilize all ten!

Now, let’s meet our first contestant…

Simone Bustleton is on the hunt for her soulmate. She aspires to someday live in a gorgeous mansion, so she thinks Cannon might be that soulmate! Simone enjoys making friends, fancy dinner parties, shopping, dancing and trips to the spa.

11-23-15_2-17-07 PM

Simone’s career focus is art. While she is an artist herself, she’d prefer to be a patron of the arts…admiring the works of others and helping artists succeed.Simone is confident, incredibly tidy in both appearance and her household, and has high standards for everything in life.

11-23-15_2-16-58 PM

Simone knows she deserves the perfect man for her, and will give Cannon the chance to prove his worthiness. She’s a princess, and deserves a fairy tale life complete with a loving, romantic, sexy husband, and a luxurious mansion.

Simone was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)


3 thoughts on “Bachelor Contestant #1: Simone

  1. I’m interested to see how you plan to implement ten contestants o: Should make for a fun series!

    Simone is beautiful, by the way! I like her personality.

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