Round Six: The Bubbettes Family

Bachelor Update: Still take contestant applications and votes for the next Bachelor!

If you want to know what happened to Pablo, go to this post: Frustrated with the Sims.

This is the start of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: Megera Bubbettes

10-28-15_4-21-34 PM

Megera arrived at the campsite for another week of camping and hunting for new plants. The first thing she did was head deep into the woods to a particular spot. She’d been there before, and it was beautiful, but she couldn’t recall why she rushed to that particular spot.

10-28-15_4-20-48 PM

While she was there, she met Quinn a hermit who lived in the forest. They chatted for a bit before Megera went off in search of new plants.

10-28-15_4-25-32 PM

After a day of exploring, Megera headed back to the camp to make some stew and relax.

10-28-15_4-26-54 PM

She used the local horseshoes pit to practice the game for the next time she went up against fellow campers.

10-28-15_4-28-28 PM

Then it was time to retire for the evening.

11-15-15_12-22-35 PM

Megera is trying to collect all the known species of plants in the Sims Universe.


She currently has 17 of the 32 original plants, plus 2 of the ones that came exclusively with Granite Falls.

11-15-15_1-21-06 PM

This guy in a bear costume was very annoying. Megera did not appreciate his attempts at humor.

11-15-15_1-25-04 PM

She made a couple new acquaintances while she was camping for the week including Dan and Geoffrey.

11-15-15_1-28-29 PM

She ran into Colleen one evening and they played a game of chess in the nature center.

11-15-15_2-57-25 PM

More plant collecting! Some plants she couldn’t identify and others weren’t ready to be harvested, so she took a cutting for splicing. I don’t think these plants are counted in her final plant collection., and may be reflected in the next round when we try to identify and plant them.

11-15-15_2-58-20 PM

She also met Samson.

11-15-15_3-00-43 PM

And Mitchel. She got along very well with Mitchel and they hung out together a couple times during her week camping.

11-15-15_9-53-15 PM

She spent some time fishing. Rumor has it that you can find the cowplant seed, which is otherwise troublesome to obtain, while fishing. Fish also make good fertilizer and food, and it gives her something to do in between plant collecting.

11-16-15_10-27-05 PM

Mitchel visited her camp to enjoy the campfire.

11-16-15_10-29-27 PM

They laid down on the cold ground and observed the stars before Megera retreated to her tent.

11-17-15_1-50-16 PM

In the morning, it was time to head back to Newcrest.

11-17-15_1-58-56 PM

After Megera arrived back, she tended her garden and took care of some household matters before heading back out again to Oasis Springs- the nearby desert community.

11-17-15_2-07-36 PM

She continued her hunt for new plants in the desert.

Round Six Results: The Bubbettes


  • Current Mood: uncomfortable, happy
  • Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (3/4). She is currently stuck on the “grow a cowplant” requirement.
  • Skills: 10- Gardening; 9- Cooking; 7- Fishing; 6- Charisma, 5- Comedy; 4- Mischief; 3- Herbalism; 1- Gourmet Cooking, Video Gaming, Handiness, Logic, Photogrpahy, Fitness
  • Traits: Loves the outdoors, Outgoing, Super Green Thumb, Insane, MorningSim, Collector
  • Friends: Mitchel, Colleen, Nancy
  • Romantic Interests: She has an ever-so-slight interest in both Mitchel and John Smith; neither of which is remotely serious; seems to be a “hmm…he’s sorta cute” level.
  • Plant Collection: 19/32 +2 (with a couple more pending, maybe)



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