Who should be Bachelor 4.2?

Which one of these gentlemen should be Bachelor 4.2?

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#1. Jordan Edmonds is looking for someone to laugh at his jokes and to have fun with. He is looking for a good friend who will support his career decision to be a comedian.He enjoys reading, going to the gym, comedy, and playing guitar. Sometimes he can be a bit on the jealous side, but perhaps that has something to do with his own insecurities. He is gregarious and makes friends easily. Jordan is interested in both male and female Sims, and is open to the idea of having (or adopting) a child.

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#2. Aidan Trevino is looking for someone with a sense of adventure that loves the outdoors. Aidan runs a tech startup where he strives to be a successful businessman so he can afford a comfortable lifestyle. While he loves material goods, he also loves to donate money to charity. When he is home, he can be a of a couch potato, enjoying a nap on the sofa and watching TV. He finds happiness in the happiness of others. In addition to all outdoor activities (such as gardening and fishing), he also enjoys fitness and photography. Jordan is only interested in female Sims, and children aren’t something he currently sees in his future.

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#3. Cannon Griffin is looking for someone to love, someone to cuddle with, someone who will appreciate his romantic gestures. A romantic at heart, Cannon desires to live in a grand mansion filled with art and a grand piano, and outside there will be gardens with fountains. He does have a practical side, though, Cannon is very business savvy and intelligent. He has a lot of energy and enjoys exercising. His hobbies include collecting minerals, camping and backyard astronomy. His plans on making his money as an eSports gamer. Cannon is interested in both male and female Sims. He definitely wants at least two children.

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#4. Christopher Carbajal is looking for someone who appreciates music. Christopher is not only a huge fan of music, but it is also his profession. Christopher is a cheerful fellow who always looks on the bright side. In addition to being a huge fan of music, he loves computer games and science-fiction. He also likes fixing stuff around the house and shopping. Christopher is only interested in female Sims. He thinks he may want children, someday, maybe.

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#5. Stephan Best wants to find his wife and the mother of his future children. Stephan aspires to cultivate a successful family line. He is neat and tidy, and doing household chores make him happy. He is a bit of a glutton…he gets cranky when he is hungry, and enjoys all food. He’s a bro who enjoys hanging out with his boys and watching sports. He is a writer who also enjoys herbalism, going to the spa, and playing the piano. He is mostly interested in females, but doesn’t want to rule anything out, and definitely wants children.