Round Five: The Swift Family

This is the end of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

In this post we are going to welcome Asara Swift to the Newcrest Community!

10-02-15_8-18-32 PM

10-28-15_1-43-18 PM

Asara Swift’s new home should look familiar. She’s moved into the place that used to be occupied by the Valentine Family before they upgraded to a new home to accommodate their growing family.

10-28-15_12-13-13 PM

Asara very quickly gets into cooking almost every meal from scratch for herself. She aspires to become a master in all things culinary.

10-28-15_12-12-56 PM

The plate next to the television is a fruitcake delivered by John Smith. Fruitcakes last forever, though, so she is in no rush to eat it. Every evening for entertainment, Asara watches cooking shows on tv to learn new recipes.

10-28-15_12-06-45 PM

She also took up gardening. She’s very interested in using fresh herbs and veggies in her dishes.

10-28-15_12-05-56 PM

Most of her small income this week went toward food and house maintenance. She had to replace the toilet after it exploded water all over the bathroom.

10-28-15_11-58-12 AM

On her days off, she went down to the park to make some new friends (so she’d have someone to invite over for dinner parties, of course).

10-28-15_11-57-36 AM

She even grilled some food for everyone. Despite her efforts, though,she didn’t really connect with her fellow park-goers.

10-27-15_8-01-20 PM

She found her neighbors to be quite a friendly lot, though.

10-20-15_8-03-51 PM

She also is exploring the online world to make some new friends.

10-20-15_8-02-36 PM

In addition to cooking, she is teaching herself how to bake. Here was her first batch of brownies (out of the box, of course).

Round 5 Results: The Swift Family


  • Wishes: Admire self in mirror, make a group meal, watch culinary training videos
  • Mood: Confident
  • Aspiration: Master Chef (1/4)
  • Career: Caterer (Culinary 3)
  • Skills: Cooking (5); Video Gaming, Charisma, Baking, Gardening, Mixology (1)
  • Friends: None
  • Romantic Interests: None
  • Currently Reading: Game of Groans
  • Children: Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Most Common Emotions: Happy & Uncomfortable (well, she *was* pregnant)

One thought on “Round Five: The Swift Family

  1. Glad John dropped off some fruitcake. So sweet! I aspire to be more outgoing and friendly like that.

    She sounds like me, watching cooking shows to relax =) I usually watch them at lunch or after dinner.

    At the park one guy’s bowl was super shiny lol

    Reading: Game of Groans <- Ha! That's great =D

    Wait, she was pregnant?

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