Frustrated with the Sims 4

I had just gotten back to playing the Sims again. As you may know, I’ve had some turmoil in my life recently (trying to sell a home, staying behind while my husband moved to Virginia, my dad passing away unexpectedly), and I’ve discovered I am only interested in the Sims when I’m in a good mood. When I’m not in a good mood, I prefer to play something a bit more violent or has a story line that I can get lost in (Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc…).

I just got back into playing last week when the game did something unforgivable.

It deleted Pablo.

08-16-15_11-21 AM

You know, this handsome and insane devil that was Megera’s soulmate and perfect match in every way? They had plants AND insanity in common. And the story was OH SO ROMANTIC!

Apparently, the Sims 4 just randomly culls NPCs when it feels like it including ones that your character is in a relationship with!!!

After allowing Asara Swift to have her first round, which went well.

10-28-15_11-58-12 AM

I was all excited to return to our Pablo & Megera romance. I had to delay their actual marriage because the creator of Megera did not want a marriage as a young adult, but I figured it’d be easy enough to delay. He’d remain in his hermit home (she can’t move there due to game mechanics), and she’d visit often until he decided to move in with her.

But NO.

After each round (despite having aging, etc.. off), when I return to the home some things have changed. New romantic interests have formed, people have gotten a bit chubby (like John Smith), but usually the changes are minor and reversible…and frankly keep things interesting.

However, Pablo was no where to be found…Megera had no relationship with him. It was like he never was. He didn’t appear in the relationship panel, nor in the phone menu….gone.

She packed her bags to go visit him, only to discover another Hermit in his place.

Even worse, she has no memory of Pablo. There were no tears. I’m not sure how to write this evil brainwashing into the story. So frustrating!

Anyway…just wanted to let you all know that I tried, but I’m pretty grumpy with the game right now.


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