Round Five: The Flasterdasher Family

This is the middle of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Lola was last round’s edition to the neighborhood. Lola has been mainly focusing on her career. She wants to ultimately become an infamous mixologist, but in order to do that, she must first get her hands dirty. She has worked herself from dishwasher to caterer, but her life wasn’t very exciting this week.

10-02-15_8-48-20 PM

She now has a yoga mat on her porch, so when she can’t attend classes at the gym, she can still practice.

10-02-15_9-13-47 PM

She ran into the town’s newest resident, Asara Swift. Did she just find her doppelganger?

10-03-15_1-25-30 PM

When not working or doing yoga, Lola heads down to the local nightclub.

10-03-15_1-30-52 PM

While she makes some time for socializing at the club, she spends most of the time practicing making cocktails behind the counter.

10-03-15_1-32-57 PM

And befriending bartenders.

10-03-15_3-34-42 PM

She met this unique gentlemen on the street one day, and they hit it off immediately.

10-03-15_3-37-57 PM

He is a patron of the arts, and has an interesting fashion sense. Unfortunately for Lola, he is married.

Round 5 Results: Flasterdasher

  • Current Wishes: Level up in mixology, Become inspired
  • Master Mixologist (0/4)
  • Career: Caterer (Culinary 3)
  • Skills: Cooking (7); Mixology, Charisma, Wellness (3); Comedy, Gourmet Cooking (2); Fitness, Mischief, Video Games (1)
  • Friends: Cedric Tyler (cheerful, neat, foodie, Patron of the Arts)
  • Romantic Interest: Don Lothario (well, he’s everybody’s romantic interest!)

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