Round Five: The Valentine Family Part Two

This is the middle of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

09-26-15_4-47-40 PM

When we last left off we were in the hospital as Amber was delivering her baby!

09-26-15_4-50-06 PM

Meet Cristina…they say babies normally look more like their dad…this may be a bit extreme…

09-26-15_4-50-17 PM

And another surprise, twins! Meet Kayleigh!

09-26-15_4-50-58 PM

A quick cuddle in the hospital before heading home.

09-26-15_4-52-32 PM

We had to make some quick adjustments to the nursery.

09-26-15_4-55-38 PM

09-26-15_4-55-59 PM

Both Amber and Kristopher are very loving and attentive parents, and neither seem phased by the appearance of their children.

09-26-15_7-08-25 PM

Amber has been teaching herself to play chess. The table is right outside the nursery so she can keep an eye on things as she plays.

09-26-15_7-22-11 PM

Amber and Kristopher decided it would be a good idea if Kristopher took his normal form sometimes while inside the house so the children could recognize and relate to both forms.

09-26-15_7-22-39 PM 09-26-15_7-22-44 PM

09-26-15_10-32-20 PM

Amber was back to work pretty quickly after having the twins.

09-26-15_10-38-21 PM

Sometimes afternoon naps are important when the babies are sleeping.

09-27-15_9-38-30 PM

Here we see Kristopher eating some cereal for breakfast, while Amber has leftover Mac n’ Cheese.

09-27-15_9-43-54 PM

Amber did let Kristopher take off for a few hours on the weekend to go fishing.

09-27-15_9-44-03 PM

He didn’t catch anything, but he’s still learning.

09-27-15_9-49-22 PM 09-27-15_9-49-34 PM

Evening dance time!

09-27-15_9-52-00 PM

Kristopher was hungry, but Amber had already eaten. She joined him anyway.

09-30-15_9-34-15 PM

In order to improve in his chosen career, Kristopher has been learning to program.

Round 5 Results: The Valentine Family


  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family (1)
  • Career: Assistant Nurse (Doctor 5)
  • Skills: Logic, Charisma (4), Cooking (3), Mixology (2), Fitness, Video Games, Wellness, Comedy (1)
  • Friends: Kristopher, Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Spouse: Kristopher (Soulmates)
  • Children: Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Most Common Emotions: Happy & Uncomfortable (well, she *was* pregnant)


  • Aspiration: Angling Ace (0)
  • Career: Quality Assurance (Tech Guru 2)
  • Skills: Video Games (3), Cooking, Comedy, Fitness, Writing (2), Fishing, Charisma, Programming, Mischief (1)
  • Friends: Amber, Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Spouse: Amber (Soulmates)
  • Children: Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Most Common Emotions: Happy, Playful


  • Friends/Parents: Amber, Kristopher


  • Friends/Parents: Amber, Kristopher

2 thoughts on “Round Five: The Valentine Family Part Two

    • I think they are kinda cute. I’m interested in seeing what they look like when they get older. Will they be all alien, or will they show some human traits (like their mom’s hair). I’m not sure how it works in the Sims 4. Nope, Kris hasn’t been posted in his natural form here previously. I almost did last round, but when I tried changing him back his disguise changed and I couldn’t get it back. So I exited without saving. I had to do some research to figure out how to get back to his current disguise (it’s supposed to happen automatically, but I had a glitch).

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