Round Five: The Valentine Family Part One

This is the middle of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

09-12-15_8-32 PM

Since Amber was anxious to expand her family, she has the honor of not only being the first one to move to a bigger house, but also to be the owner of the first home I’ve ever built from scratch in the Sims 4.

09-12-15_9-51 PM

The floor plan is an open living area with cooking, dining and entertaining.

09-12-15_9-51 PM-2

The budget was limited, so decorations and furnishings are modest.

09-12-15_9-52 PM

Most importantly, the house has a nursery.

09-12-15_9-52 PM-2

Amber and Kristopher’s bedroom has enough room for a treadmill.

09-12-15_9-53 PM

The bathroom is average size.

09-12-15_9-53 PM-2

And there is a small porch area for grilling.

09-13-15_2-29 PM

Kristopher has shown an interest in cooking.

09-13-15_9-51 PM

Shortly after moving into their new home, a couple changes came about. Kristopher took a job at a tech company, and Amber found out she was pregnant.

09-26-15_12-57-11 PM

Kristopher took care of much of the household chores while Amber was pregnant.

09-26-15_1-00-08 PM

He relaxed with one of his favorite hobbies, video games.

09-26-15_1-04-12 PM

Amber would like to find the room and money for a piano, but for now she shows her artistic side by learning to play the violin.

09-26-15_1-05-46 PM

Kristopher made up large batches of Franks n’ Beans and Mac n’ Cheese and kept them in the fridge, so Amber would always have something to eat.

09-26-15_1-07-33 PM

Amber was hungry all the time while she was pregnant, and sometimes had to get up in the middle of the night for a snack.

09-26-15_4-36-11 PM

Oouch. Amber suffered from a sore back. It would have been great to manage to get to the spa while she was pregnant, but she just couldn’t find the time.

09-26-15_4-38-59 PM

Amber’s belly got really big….like, unusually so.

09-26-15_4-40-42 PM

Kristopher was always ready to volunteer a back massage.

09-26-15_4-41-38 PM

Amber and Kristopher love to dance together to the radio after dinner. Even while she was pregnant, Amber was up and dancing every evening.

09-26-15_4-46-48 PM

It’s time! Contractions started and we were off to the hospital! Into the baby removing device!

09-26-15_4-46-51 PM

We don’t really know this doctor, but he seems focused.

09-26-15_4-46-55 PM 09-26-15_4-47-04 PM 09-26-15_4-47-08 PM

Whoops! Put that back in, that’s not a baby!

09-26-15_4-47-16 PM

And finally the babies arrived!

09-26-15_4-47-40 PM

Meet the babies in part 2!


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