Round 5: The Smith Family

This is the middle of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

I apologize for the delay in posting, I’ve been playing a bit less due to personal reasons. When I finally was ready to make a post, my primary computer decided to lose the ability to connect to the internet. I still am very interested in this challenge and will play/post whenever I am able, so I hope you continue to follow along.

08-22-15_10-01 AM

John Smith decided to work on his ability to cause mischief this week. He went to the park and gave the ladies there some fake bad news, lied about his job, and invited them a fake party.

08-27-15_8-10 PM

Colleen and Megera like to chat whenever they run into each other outside.

08-27-15_8-12 PM

Here we go! Will the Geo Council return our samples this week? Or will Colleen need to switch aspirations?

08-27-15_8-15 PM

In order to find new types of fossils, and new breeds of frogs, for her collections, Colleen needs to start traveling outside her local neighborhood.

08-27-15_8-18 PM

This week she visited a few places, such as Oasis Springs.

09-08-15_9-45 AM

Is it just me, or is John putting on the pounds? It must be Colleen’s cooking! Everytime I come back to visit this house, he looks a little bigger…

09-08-15_10-37 AM

Unfortunately, he won’t have time to work until his days off! He was hard at work this week becoming an assistant nurse.

09-08-15_10-38 AM

John has started going on house calls!

09-08-15_10-47 AM

John and Colleen are close friends, but there is no hint of romance there. In fact, the Doctor has been shopping around for potential boyfriends for Colleen when he’s at the hospital.

09-08-15_1-06 PM

On his day off, John went to the gym for the first time.

09-08-15_1-09 PM

He did all kinds of exercises until he was too tired to do anymore.

09-11-15_8-39 AM

John normally runs out of the house in the morning before eating, so he’s forced to have something at work…usually a pre-made BLT sandwich, or a microwaved pastry. He complains about both.

09-11-15_8-58 AM

The Geo Council sent Colleen back elements extracted from Colleen’s geological samples! Her element collection has begun! YAY!!!!

09-11-15_8-50 AM

Back to collecting those rocks! And in heels!

09-11-15_8-58 AM-2

The fossil collection in the backyard has grown considerably.

09-11-15_8-58 AM-3

And has now expanded into the front yard (they need a bigger piece of land).

09-11-15_9-23 AM

And yet, Colleen still digs (this time in flip-flops…girl does not know proper footwear for hiking).

09-11-15_9-23 AM-2

John is back to the gym on his other day off this week. He was getting really annoyed with the woman in the background. She wouldn’t stop talking.

09-11-15_9-25 AM

Colleen continued to have adventures while John was off being a doctor.

09-11-15_9-31 AM

Veggie burger break!

08-22-15_9-58 AM

Round 5 Results: The Smith Family


  • Aspirations: Renaissance Sim (2), Chief of Mischief (2), Nerd Brain (1), Public Enemy (1), Joke Star (1)
  • Career: Assistant Nurse (Doctor 5)
  • Skills: Logic (7), Mischief (5), Charisma (5), Programming (4), Comedy (3), Handiness (3), Cooking (3), Fitness (3), Piano (1), Video Games (1), Gardening (1)
  • Friends: Colleen, Nina, Nancy
  • Enemies: Lola, Bella
  • Inventory: joke book, plumbing parts, element sample, roses, patient sample


  • Aspiration: The Curator (3/4)
  • Career: Self-employed Collector, Frog Breeder
  • Skills: Cooking (5), Mischief (3), Comedy (3), Video Games (2), Fishing (2), Logic (1), Charisma (1), Gardening (1), Mixology (1), Fitness (1)
  • Friends: John, Megera
  • Collections: Frogs (17/25), Fossils (11/15), Elements (10/15)
  • Inventory: potatoes, strawberries, onions, lilies, frog

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