Round 5: The Bubbettes Family

This is the beginning of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

A recent patched mentioned some fixes to mail issues. I’m anxious to see if mailing collectibles will work in this round. Since it’s not really Megera’s thing, though, we’ll be exploring that in the next household.

08-15-15_9-17 AM

When Megera is bored, or lonely, late at night when it’d be rude to call up a friend, she likes to go online and troll the forums. She’s a bit mischievous.

08-15-15_9-34 AM

Megera started another garden, on the other side of the house, that consists of three garden beds. She is getting a bit more advanced with gardening, and she is trying to make new types of plants through grafting.

08-15-15_9-35 AM

She has kept in touch with Pablo, mostly through phone calls, throughout this week. She needed to spend this week taking care of her garden, so she didn’t go to Granite Falls.

08-15-15_10-09 AM.

She did do a bit of local exploring, however. Some afternoons, after she was done with gardening, she’d travel to nearby parks in search of new plants to add to her collection.

08-15-15_10-12 AM

While she was out, she also would do some fishing. Fish makes great fertilizer.

08-15-15_10-36 AM

She finally had enough skill to successfully identify one of the plants she found in Granite Falls and plant it in her garden.

08-15-15_10-47 AM

She visited the Smith household one evening,  but no one was home. She helped herself to some of the produce on their trash fruit tree.

08-15-15_10-55 AM 08-15-15_10-51 AM

On her way home, she ran into Lola, and they got to know each other a bit better.

08-15-15_10-58 AM

When Megera is hungry, but doesn’t feel like cooking, she heads over to the park to find free food. Inevitably, a member of the park gang has left some grilled food nearby. Megera no longer has time to stop by the park very often in the afternoon. Her gardening now takes up most of her time.

08-15-15_12-04 PM

She mastered the gardening skill and reached level 10.

08-15-15_12-55 PM

Sometimes she has breakfast while watching tv.

08-15-15_12-59 PM

Later in the week, she took a trip to Oasis Springs to fish and hunt more plants.

08-15-15_1-01 PM

She did find a few new ones such as a tomato, a potato and a couple others, during her travels. They were all mostly common plants.

08-16-15_11-19 AM

At the very end of the week, Pablo calls. He says he is in town, and wants to take her on a date.

08-16-15_11-19 AM-2

His outfit is a little odd, but Megera doesn’t seem to notice. Afterall, she is green. Besides, what can you expect from a insane hermit? Personally, I didn’t expect so much jewelry from nature boy. But I dig the hat and old man sweater.

08-16-15_11-20 AM

They went to the nightclub and had a great time.

08-16-15_11-21 AM


Round 5 Results: The Bubbettes Family


  • Aspiration: Freelance Botantist (3/4)
  • Current Aspiration Step: Grow a Cowplant
  • Career: Freelance Gardener
  • Skills: Gardening (10), Cooking (6), Charisma (6), Fishing (5), Comedy (4), Mischief (4), Herbalism (2), Handiness (1), Gourmet Cooking (1), Photography (1), Video Gaming (1)
  • Friends: Lola, Colleen, Braxton
  • Disliked People: Devonte, Bella, Cassie
  • Boyfriend: Pablo
  • 46 days until Adult
  • Plant Collection: 17/42 (+2 from expansions)

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