Round Four: The Flasterdasher Family

This is the continuation of Round 4 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

08-09-15_3-46 PM - Copy

Our newest resident of Newcrest is Lola Flasterdasher.08-09-15_4-27 PM - Copy

Taste and quality are important to Lola, so she makes all her own meals and watches the cooking channel. While she plans on focusing on beverage creation in the future being a skilled cook will help her get there.

08-09-15_5-48 PM - Copy

On the couple of days that Lola had off of work, she took Yoga classes at the local spa.

08-09-15_5-48 PM-2 08-09-15_5-48 PM-3 08-09-15_5-50 PM 08-09-15_5-49 PM

You can see from the above photos that she is no where near as flexible as her teacher. However, in most positions, she seems to do better than her classmate.

08-09-15_5-54 PM

After yoga class, she heads over to the nightclub.

08-09-15_5-56 PM

The bar tenders let her practice mixing drinks for people,

08-09-15_8-24 PM

She started the round as a dishwasher, and ended the round with a promotion to head dishwasher. She works mainly in the evenings, coming home sometime after midnight.

08-09-15_8-27 PM

Here’s another day off, and another yoga class.

08-09-15_8-30 PM 08-09-15_8-32 PM

Along with some more mixology, and befriending the bar tenders.

08-12-15_9-42 PM

Leftover franks and beans for breakfast, anyone?

08-12-15_9-46 PM

On days she is working, she has little time for other activities…she wakes up, showers and uses the bathroom, makes some food, goes to work, comes home, makes food, uses the bathroom and goes to bed. Sometimes she has time for a bit of reading (the book above is “Crisis” something..barn? maybe?; it is what she is reading now).

08-12-15_9-49 PM

She was saving money to buy a bar, but the TV broke…she’ll need to decide whether or not to repair the TV or buy the bar.

Round 4 Results: The Flasterdasher Family


  • Current Whims: Hug someone, Buy a bar, Meet someone new
  • Aspiration: Master Mixologist (0/4)
  • Career: Head Dishwasher (2/10)
  • Skills: Cooking (5), Mixology (3), Wellness (2), Charisma (1), Comedy (1)
  • No relationships yet
  • Random Fact: Has already felt inspired 20 times (she’s a creative soul who likes thinking in the shower)

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