Round Four: The Smith Family

This is the continuation of Round 4 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

A few notes for you:

  • Sorry for the delay in posts, life has been crazy the past couple weeks and my Sim time as been limited. I’m staying put this weekend, though, so fingers crossed I get some more time in.
  • Not all Sims will have exciting happenings each round, particularly houses with adults only. Some weeks Sims pretty much just work or do repetitive tasks to increase skills, and there won’t be much to report on.
  • The Sims currently in Newcrest are listed, with their creator, in the righthand sidebar. Likewise, you can find the current queue of Sims to be added to Newcrest. Sims are added at the rate of 1 household per round. You can submit multiple Sims. It may be good to have a backup Sim in the game, as I will not exit-without-saving should an accidental death occur. At some point, I will need to reduce the flow of Sims (particularly when offspring start arriving), but for now we’ll keep things like this.

07-25-15_11-54 AM

Most of John’s time was spent working at the hospital where he diagnosed and treated patients, and made acquaintances with his colleagues.

07-25-15_2-12 PM

John was promoted again this week and is now a “Medical Technologist”.

07-25-15_2-13 PM

John day typically involves checking in patients, taking temperatures, swabbing for samples, running samples through an analyzer, scanning the body, checking the eyes and the ears, etc…

07-25-15_2-16 PM

This week, he learned how to perform treadmill tests on his patients, which was exciting.

07-25-15_2-41 PM

Colleen spent more time dancing in the kitchen. Sadly, I was still not able to get the mail from the Geo Council to arrive. This means Colleen is having difficulty completing the requirements for the Curator aspiration. I think we are going to need to change her aspiration until that glitch is resolved. Most of Colleen’s week was spent testing my possible fixes for the glitch (I found some things to try on forums, nothing has worked).

07-25-15_2-52 PM

John decided to take up comedy, so he spent some time telling jokes after work to people who passed by his house.

07-25-15_6-02 PM

The only exciting thing that happened to The Smith household this week was a birthday party invitation.

07-25-15_6-03 PM

Nina Caliente through a formal party at the home she shares with Dina, Katrina and Don Lothario.

07-25-15_6-04 PM

Both John and Colleen attended, and it was somewhat entertaining.

Round 4 Results: The Smith Family


  • Aspirations: Renaissance Sim (2/4), Nerd Brain (1/4), Joke Star (1/4), Chief of Mischief (0/4)
  • Career: Medical Technologist (Doctor 4)
  • Skills: Logic (7), Charisma (4), Programming (4), Mischief (4), Comedy (3), Handiness (3), Cooking (2), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Video Games (1)
  • Friends: Nina, Colleen
  • Age: 59 days until Adult
  • Random Fact: He has been inspired 0 times.

Colleen, the Ex-Postal Worker

  • Aspirations: Curator (2/4)
  • Stuck on level 2 of Curator due to mail glitch
  • Career: Collector, Breeder of Frogs
  • Skills: Cooking (4), Mischief (3), Comedy (2), Video Games (2), Fishing (2), Charisma (1), Logic (1), Gardening (1), Fitness (1)
  • Friends: John
  • Collections: Frogs (11/25), Metals (9/20), Crystals (8/20), Fossils (7/15)
  • Age: 63 days until Adult
  • Random Fact: She has felt inspired 2 times.

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