Round Four: The Bubbettes Family Part 2

This is the continuation of Round 4 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

In Part 1, we saw Megera Bubbettes take a gardening-inspired vacation to Granite Falls. While there, she had a bit of heartache, and then went exploring in the deep woods where she found a cave…and then a hidden area…with a house.

07-19-15_3-38 PM

She found the owner of the home outside in his garden, happily and busily taking care of his extensive garden.

07-19-15_3-37 PM

Pablo Woo was very shy. He obviously enjoyed living alone, in the middle of nowhere. But he couldn’t help being drawn to Megera because of her interest in his plants. They conversed for a long time about nature.

07-19-15_3-35 PM

Megera realized that it was nightfall, and she had to hike all the way back to camp. She bid Pablo farewell and promised to return again the following day.

07-19-15_3-40 PM

She made it back safely to camp, and the following morning, she headed out- this time with all her camping gear in tow, so she wouldn’t have to leave early.

When she returned, Pablo wasn’t home. So she hiked more around the area admiring the scenery…

07-19-15_4-45 PM 07-19-15_4-50 PM

07-19-15_4-52 PM

And cooked some fish for lunch.

07-19-15_4-59 PM

Eventually Pablo returned, and they had a fantastic afternoon. She discovered that not only was Pablo in love with the outdoors and gardening, but he was also a little bit crazy. Just like her! They connected on a level she had never experienced before.

07-19-15_5-03 PM

The amazing day turned into an amazing evening in Pablo’s cabin. :::wink:::

The following day, she had to leave. She had to return to her garden. Pablo understood, but made her promise to return soon.

07-25-15_9-04 AM

The rest of the week went by like normal…taking care of her garden.

07-25-15_10-07 AM-3

She did visit Amber Saturday afternoon. They hung out in her living room watching TV.

07-25-15_10-11 AM-2

Megera expanded her kitchen a bit…she added another counter and a microwave.

Round 4 Results: The Bubbettes Family


  • Aspiration: Freelance Botantist (3/4)- Still seeking to max gardening skill, and to grow a cowplant.
  • Skills: Gardening (8), Cooking (6), Charisma (5), Comedy (4), Mischief (3), Fishing (3), Herbalism (2), Handiness (1), Video Gaming (1), Gourmet Cooking (1)
  • Friends: Amber, Braxton, Pablo
  • Sweetheart: Pablo
  • Age: -52 days to Adult
  • New Trait: Super Green Thumb
  • Collected 14/32 original plants; 1/10 expansion plants
  • Random Stat: Has eaten 46 meals, has cooked 18 of them

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