Round Three Achievements

We completed another achievement during Round Three.

Whimsical- Complete 100 whims across all Sims.

Sims have “whims” which are like the Sims 4 version of the “wants” from Sims 2 and the “wishes” from Sims 3. They are things the Sims desire to do at that moment. They are based on the Sims’ current emotional state, aspiration, skills, financial status, and a variety of other things. When you complete a whim, your Sim gets points they can use to buy life perks. Megera already has a perk- “Morning Person” where she gains skill faster in the morning. Since this was across all Sims, Megera, John and Amber helped to complete this achievement.

Newcrest R3 acheivments


One thought on “Round Three Achievements

  1. Awesome! When you complete a whim, do those points stay with that particular sim, or are they a communal bank?

    Also, I can’t wait until you complete the Woohoo with a Ghost! Very Ghostbusters šŸ˜‰

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