Round Three: The Valentine Family

This is the continuation of Round 3 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round 3: The Valentine Family

07-18-15_1-18 PM

The first thing Amber did when she arrived to Newcrest was apply for a job as a doctor. She wanted a career that would let her use her nurturing skills, but still let her make money. She had plans…a big family while still living in luxury.

The second thing Amber did was go to the spa. She had two days before work started and nothing else to do!

07-18-15_1-20 PM 07-18-15_1-20 PM-2

First she had a mud bath…

07-18-15_1-22 PM

…and then a rose water bath.

07-18-15_1-23 PM

After the baths, she got a back massage…

07-18-15_1-26 PM

…as well hand and foot massages.

07-18-15_1-31 PM

While she was there, she began chatting up a massage therapist named Devonte.

07-18-15_2-13 PM

On her first day of work, she met on of her colleagues- John Smith!

07-18-15_2-30 PM

She started seeing Devonte. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly her type…he lacked ambition, wasn’t particularly family-oriented, and didn’t enjoy the same sort of finery she did.

07-18-15_5-06 PM 07-18-15_5-07 PM

But, he was sweet, so by the end of the week they were an item.

07-18-15_4-08 PM

Her job went well…she started off doing mostly cleaning, making beds and greeting patients, but by the end of the week she had graduated to doing some preliminary examinations.

07-18-15_5-04 PM

John Smith walking by the house…with a fruitcake?…with a ribbon tied on it…interesting…

07-18-15_5-59 PM

Amber spent some of her free evenings shopping.

07-19-15_9-42 AM-2

She also spent some time more time at the spa.

07-19-15_9-50 AM

Towards the end of the week, she found that spending some evenings in the lounge suited her tastes.

07-19-15_9-51 AM

She mingled with some of the local wealth such as Geoffrey Landgraab.

07-19-15_9-52 AM

Some people’s definition of “party clothes” did not match the majority’s.

07-19-15_9-52 AM-2

07-19-15_9-55 AM

Adorable elderly man dancing to violin music.

07-19-15_9-57 AM

Amber came down with something on the last night while in the lounge (notice the tiger stripes). She was chatting up the bartender.

Round 3 Results: The Valentine Family


  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family (1 of 4)
  • Career: Orderly (Level 2 Doctor)
  • Skills: Charisma (2), Cooking (2), Comedy (1), Fitness (1), Logic (1), Wellness (1), Video Games (1)
  • Friends: Megera
  • Boyfriend: Devonte
  • Age: -72 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: Embarrased 4 times

One thought on “Round Three: The Valentine Family

  1. Tsk tsk, I have a feeling that Mr. Smith shouldn’t have been wearing his gloves in the lobby 😉

    Ha! A fruitcake with a ribbon on it? I’m guessing it’s not near Christmastime…

    And I would rock that hat, maybe not at that venue, though.

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