Round Three: The Smith Family

This is the continuation of Round 3 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Apparently, the post office can’t operate without Colleen! Mail has been glitchy for the whole neighborhood since she moved in with John. Oh no!

Round 3: The Smith Family

07-15-15_7-10 PM

John has a lot of acquaintances. He starts a conversation with everyone he meets. He has a hard time maintaining all of those relationships, so he hasn’t gotten very close to anyone. He tries to check in on people by giving them a call after work.

07-15-15_7-10 PM-2

Colleen continues to collect natural items and catalog them.I really need to get her some more appropriate outfits that match better with her daily activities…

07-15-15_7-11 PM

Here’s a typical conversation when John first meets someone…

– Discuss world peace

– Ask a question about her/him

– Discuss a logic puzzle

– Reveal a brilliant invention

– Brighten his/her day

– Share a brilliant idea

– Tell a funny story

– Ask a question about him/her again

– Finish it out with a hug

And that’s how John handles meeting people for the first time….

07-15-15_7-14 PM

Colleen’s interactions do NOT follow the same path.

07-15-15_7-17 PM

Colleen gets the “tense” emotion every time someone she doesn’t know attempts social interaction. The feeling is called “stranger danger”. She ended up berating the GeoCouncil on the phone (she called them about her metal collection) when this little girl attempted to say “hi”.

07-15-15_9-26 PM

John is now a “Medical Assistant” at level 3 (of 10) of his career as a doctor. He can’t diagnose patients yet, but he examines them and gives out medicine.

07-15-15_9-33 PM

John and Colleen watching TV together in the evening. If she gets to the TV first, it’s sports. If he gets it first, it is either the comedy channel or the children’s network.

07-15-15_9-38 PM

John is continuing his pursuit of space.

07-17-15_7-59 PM

At work, John was trained on the X-Ray machine.

–  07-17-15_8-02 PM

John often comes home to find Colleen dancing…in the kitchen…in her pajamas.

07-17-15_8-06 PM

John got a computer. We had to put it in the kitchen since there was no room for a desk anywhere. John has been teaching himself how to program.

07-17-15_8-09 PM 07-17-15_8-09 PM-2

Colleen did meet someone who she really hit it off with. He’s another “bro” so they had a lot in common. The photos show them making fun of each other.

07-17-15_8-11 PM

John is programming. Colleen is dancing.

07-18-15_8-31 AM

They eat way too much grilled cheese. Anytime they get food on their own, it’s grilled cheese. But I never actually see them make it. Colleen must make a bunch while John is at work and leave it in the fridge.

07-18-15_8-40 AM

Colleen & John need to move to a bigger place. John’s telescope and her collection of frogs leave no room in the backyard for the pool Colleen wants, or the rocket ship John wants.

07-18-15_8-40 AM-2

Colleen also collects fossils.

07-18-15_8-41 AM

The fossils are pretty much at the boundary of the property. :/

07-18-15_8-42 AM

When he’s not programming or playing in the observatory, John visits the park so he can meet everyone in the neighborhood.

07-18-15_12-05 PM

John also decided he wanted to learn how to fix things, so when the sink broke, he fixed it himself.

Round 3 Results: The Smith Family


  • Current Aspiration: Renaissance Sim (1 of 4); this aspiration seems to have a more challenging first step than the others; he’s almost completed the final requirement of have level 4 of 4 different skills
  • Career: Medical Assistant, Level 3
  • Skills: Logic (6), Charisma (4), Programming (4), Comedy (2), Cooking (2), Handiness (2), Mischief (1), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Video Gaming (1)
  • Friends: Colleen, Summer, Nina
  • Age: 67 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: He’s never felt boredom or sadness.


  • Current Aspiration: The Curator (2 of 4); She’s currently working on collecting 5 elements
  • Career: Non-traditional; her income has been from selling items she finds
  • Skills: Cooking (3), Comedy (2), Fishing (2), Charisma (1), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Logic (1), Mischief (1)
  • Friends: John
  • Enemies: Zoe, Esther
  • Age: 71 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: She has felt flirty once.

Up Next: Round 3 continues with The Valentine household!


One thought on “Round Three: The Smith Family

  1. I really like this first time conversations =) What a fun, interesting guy! I’m much more like Colleen when it comes to social interaction lol

    I think I need to go over to their place for dinner 😉 Grilled cheese is delicious.

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