Round Three: The Bubbettes Family

This is the start of Round 3 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Still having lots of fun with this, just wish I could find more time to play! I only manage to get in a couple of “days” every night and rounds are a full week per Sim! Hope I can get some more in this weekend while I’m running my garage sale! I’m starting to see the twinkle of what our town is going to be like. Now, John and Colleen can often be seen wandering about the neighborhood when I am playing Megera. As our neighborhood continues to fill up, we should see more and more familiar faces!

Round 3: The Bubbettes Family

07-11-15_8-42 PM

Megera is working toward fulfilling her aspiration to become a freelance botanist. As her garden continues to grow, and the plants improve in quality, her income continues to increase. Gardening in the Sims is actually a pretty decent job!

07-11-15_9-02 PM

Megera has become friends with Katrina Caliente, the mother of Nina Caliente (the nurse that John works with; look at these connections already!). Katrina works in the entertainment industry. She’s very family-oriented and a wonderufl mother, but she has a hard time staying in a committed relationship

07-12-15_9-38 PM

Check out the garden expansion! Megera decided she wanted to grow some fruit trees and needed the space.

07-12-15_9-40 PM

Hmm…so while I was away playing John, Megera and Mekhi didn’t maintain their friendship. They were pretty borderline, so it may have just been from lack of seeing each other. They met in the park and enjoyed some burgers together. Mekhi was, as usual, feeling pretty down and Megera had to cheer him up.

07-12-15_9-40 PM-2

The local park gang has seen some changes recently…the regulars still appear, but the group has been growing. See the girl with the bun? Colleen does *not* like her. I don’t know why, but she appears in her relationship chart with a very negative score.

07-12-15_9-42 PM

Megera came down with a rash early in the week. She still didn’t own a computer to order medicine, so she just waited it out.

07-12-15_10-01 PM

Braxton visited her while she was sick and they watched TV and chatted.

07-13-15_10-15 PM

Megera is at 3 of 4 Milestones in her aspiration. However, the later milestones are much more challenging. She needs to: evolve 10 plants to excellent, achieve leve 10 of gardening, and grow a cowplant. By the end of this week, she had succeeded in evolving 10 excellent plants. She is now continuing to care for her garden (to increase her skill) and trying to make a cowplant by grafting plants to make new species.

07-14-15_5-40 PM

In the middle of the week, Braxton asked Megera out on a date. She said “yes” and they met at bar in Oasis Springs.

07-14-15_5-42 PM

They had some great conversation and things were going very well.

07-14-15_5-46 PM

Very well, indeed. Until the very end of the evening. Megera asked Braxton if he’d be interested in entering into a more committed relationship and he said “no” and their relationship status picked up the title of “just friends”.

07-14-15_7-57 PM

Megera was feeling more mischievous the following day, and decided to head to the park. She scared some children, told them lies, and invited them to fake parties. The children all had a sense of humor, and didn’t seem to mind. Also, how cool is it that a kid can have a conversation from the monkey bars with someone on the ground?

07-14-15_8-02 PM

Megera finally purchased a computer towards the end of the week. She mainly used it for socializing.

07-14-15_8-43 PM

Braxton asked her out on another date. She said “yes”, again (our neighborhood doesn’t have many eligible bachelors yet, okay?). They went to the art museum.

07-14-15_8-46 PM

Once again, they had a great time.

07-14-15_8-47 PM-2

Whether or not Braxton has changed his mind, we don’t know. Megera didn’t ask this time.

Round 2 Results: Bubbettes Family


  • Current Whims: Call Someone, Plant Something, Be Friendly with Chelsey
  • Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (3/4)
  • Skills: Gardening (8), Charisma (5), Mischief (3), Comedy (3), Cooking (3), Video Gaming (1), Fishing (1)
  • Friends: Braxton, Katrina
  • Romantic Interests: Braxton (“Just Good Friends”)
  • 59 days to Adult
  • Megera has collected 14 out of 32 plants
  • Megera has had 37 bathroom breaks (1.8/day average) and 0 accidents

Up Next: Round 3 continues with The Smith household!


4 thoughts on “Round Three: The Bubbettes Family

  1. I love the names, Katrina and Nina together as a mother-daughter pair. I’m a sucker for rhyming 😉

    Megera looks kind of Christmas-y with her green skin and red rash. Christmas in July, mayhaps?

    I kind of how a cowplant is how beef is made lol

    Can’t wait until Megera has more guys to date!

    Also, just noticed the bathroom stat. That’s too funny =D

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