Newcrest Organization

With a Sims project such as this, I find that I need to keep my notes organized. Since I’m switching back and forth between multiple families, I need a way of remembering what happened last time I visited the family. Notes are also helpful for creating a detailed blog post.

I’ve found in the past that an index card system works best for multiple families.


In the front of the box, is this card:


Right now, it’s obvious what order folks go in. However, when you start getting up there in number…like 6 or more families, it becomes trickier to recall. I could always refer back to the blog, but it is easier just to have it in the box.


After a visit with a household is complete, I make a card that says their name in and the round number. For example, I have a “Bubettes R2” card. I write a summary of the week on that card…skills, friends, aspiration notes, age. The exact information varies somewhat depending on what I found interesting, what has changed, what we focused on, and what I remember to look up. A summary of the card appears at the bottom of the blog post that coincides with the card (the “results” section”.


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