Round 2: The Smith Family

My apologies for the delay in posting. I took a trip out of town this past weekend, and I couldn’t find time to get a post up before I left.

This is the continuation of Round 2 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round 2: The Smith Family

It’s time to welcome the second household to Newcrest!

07-07-15_6-16 PM

John Smith has lots of interests and enjoys learning about new things. After moving into his new home, he purchased a chess table.

07-07-15_6-22 PM

Megera was quick to stop by and introduce herself. I think she was pretty excited to have a new neighbor. They enthusiastically exchanged some interesting stories. She encouraged him to stop by the park sometime.

07-07-15_7-39 PM

John immediately took a job as a Medical Intern at the local hospital. John needed a job, and he enjoys helping people.

07-07-15_7-40 PM

John quickly begins making friends with all his colleagues- nurses, doctors, and other orderlies. He gets along very well with Nina Caliente. She often asks him for relationship advice.

07-07-15_7-42 PM

John’s daily tasks included things like chatting with patients, delivering food to patients, mopping up puddles, processing samples, making beds and doing research.

07-07-15_7-43 PM

By the end of the week, he had been promoted to medical assistant, and was collecting samples from patients, admitting them to the examine rooms, and checking their eyes and ears before transferring their case to a doctor, as well as all the other tasks.

07-07-15_8-18 PM

07-07-15_8-18 PM-2

With his promotion, he got some fun looking medical art to place in his room at home.

07-08-15_8-53 PM

In his spare time, John explored his new neighborhood and introduced himself to everyone he met. Out of everyone he met, his favorite person was Colleen, the mail carrier. Colleen had aspirations beyond just carrying mail. Colleen was interesting- a passionate art lover, but she also adored sports. She lived by herself, had no family, and had trouble making friends.

07-08-15_9-40 PM

By the end of the week, John had saved up enough (okay…saving isn’t really his thing…actually we had an incident earlier in the week when they shut the electricity off in the house because he forgot to pay the bill; so he actually got this by blowing his entire paycheck with some promotion money) to get a backyard observatory. He is looking forward to spending many nights exploring the sky.

07-11-15_3-19 PM

During his day off, he couldn’t wait until evening to use his observatory, so he took some phenomenal pictures of the sky.

07-08-15_9-00 PM

John has no intentions of getting married or having children anytime soon, so he was looking for some roommates. By the end of this round, he had convinced Colleen to quit her job to pursue her interests and move in with him.

07-08-15_9-01 PM

Colleen has proven to be a splendid roommate thus far. She made dinner and provided interesting conversation.

07-08-15_9-03 PM

They read books at the same together during the evening, and when John went outside to play with his telescope, she watched sports on TV,

Round 2 Results: Smith Family

John Smith

  • Aspiration this round: Renaissance Sim (Milestone 1 of 4)
  • Friends: Nina, Colleen
  • Skills: Charisma (3), Comedy (1), Cooking (2), Logic (5), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Video Gaming (1)
  • Traits: Genius, Childish, Good (plus Quick Learner from Aspiration)

Colleen Goff

  • Aspiration: The Curator (Milestone 1 of 4)
  • Friends: John, Mikayla, Vivian, Eric
  • Skills: Comedy (1), Cooking (3), Video Gaming (1), Fishing (2), Gardening (1)
  • Traits: Art Lover, Bro, Loner (plus Appraiser from Aspiration)

Up Next: Round 3 begins and we are back to the Bubbettes family!


3 thoughts on “Round 2: The Smith Family

  1. This was a super fun story! Felt perfect for the character =D

    Also, the sick guy in the hospital had an interesting illness. Red swirls are prettier than usual rashes. It almost looked as though someone had fun with a marker 😉

    • The illnesses get pretty interesting!!! We’ll likely get into them more when John advances far enough to make diagnoses. I’m looking forward to that part, it’s got a process-of-elimination component, but you have to balance that with the time you dedicate to each patient. For example, you could perform EVERY exam on EVERY patient…but in a single day you’d probably only see 2 patients. Not great for job performance. Of course, misdiagnosing someone- also not great for job performance. I haven’t had an advanced doctor yet, so I am excited to see this aspect.

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