The World of Newcrest

Our Sim Universe is composed of five districts: Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Magnolia Promenade, Newcrest and Granite Falls. Sims can visit and interact with Sims from the other districts, and can move freely between them. We are starting this project with Newcrest, but we could easily expand into the other areas. And we’ll definitely be visiting the other areas for shopping and other errands. The number of districts or “worlds” will likely continue to grow as more content comes out.

Here is a map of the district of Newcrest. It’s composed of 3 neighborhoods, which I have circled in blue.


Sims can only reside in those circled areas (you can see the potential lots outlined faintly in white). Additionally, if we want to add any commercial areas or park space, we’ll need to use those lots as well (this is why we could trickle into the other districts eventually, space is limited).

The neighborhood that Megera lives in is the one highlighted in color. Her house is the one with the plumbob over it.

I had 3 additional homes that were affordable for starting Sims to the map. I downloaded all of these from the gallery, so they are made by other users. Having some homes handy allows me to start playing a Sim shortly after its creation. We’ll continue to redecorate and expand these homes, and when a household has enough funds we can purchase them a bigger piece of land and build a larger home.

The area that is colored in, in Megera’s neighborhood, but that is not contained within a white border are the common areas. They contain the park and pond you’ve seen Megera access, along with public paths, plants, insects, etc…Megera can access these areas without a load screen, and these areas will contain a variety of people for her to interact with.

Since she is the only one in this world, the game has been shuttling residents from other neighborhoods (such as Willow Creek) to fill those spaces. As we get more neighbors in this world, they will become the focus and the other people will appear less often.


One thought on “The World of Newcrest

  1. I’m impressed everything within her area is accessible without a loading screen. That’s pretty nifty. And it’s also cool how it distributes residents, and how it changes depending on who lives where. So neat!

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