Round 2: The Bubbettes Family

Welcome to Round 2 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round 2: The Bubbettes

07-05-15_10-34 AM

Megera’s life in week 2 was pretty similar to week 1. She spent most of her time gardening, and some time hanging out with people in the parks.

07-05-15_10-36 AM

She continues to have phone conversations with J Huntington III, though their relationship did have a setback when he came over to visit. For some reason, they couldn’t connect. Megera was trying to be playful, and J wasn’t having it.

07-05-15_10-36 AM-2

Her relationship with Braxton is still growing at a steady pace both in friendship and flirting.

07-05-15_11-39 AM

Megera did catch a germ or two this week. Since she doesn’t have a computer yet to order medicine, she had to opt for rest and OJ. I though we kicked it early in the week, but it showed up again a day or two later.

07-05-15_11-40 AM-2

Megera has also befriended an elderly man named Mehki. Mehki appears to suffer from depression, and Megera tries to cheer him up with jokes. Mehki is one of the “park gang”.

07-05-15_11-42 AM

For fun, Megera reads instructional books on gardening and causing mischief.

07-05-15_11-46 AM

While they have yet to kiss, Megera and Braxton have shared a few intense hugs. Despite their great relationship, we may be looking someplace else for a husband as Braxton isn’t one for commitment. 😦

07-05-15_11-48 AM

Megera enjoys the occasional channel surfing in the evening before bed (when it’s too dark to be outside) and she enjoys the romance channel.

07-05-15_12-49 PM-2

Mehki showed up at Megera’s door one evening feeling gloomy. She attempted to cheer him up, but he didn’t like that. So she invited him inside and they just hung out for the evening.

07-05-15_12-56 PM

Megera’s cash flow was pretty good, so I let her get a stereo to fulfill her desire to dance.

07-05-15_3-19 PM-2

Much to my surprise, Megera was feeling confident one random evening and wanted to order a drink at a bar. So, we went.

07-05-15_3-21 PM

Megera had one of her random mood changes and became a bit angry at the world. But then this punk kid started giving her a hard time and she became very angry, and we had to leave. Who brings kids into a bar at 10 o’clock at night anyway?

07-05-15_4-01 PM

She’s become so good at gardening that she’s begun to experiment with grafting. One of her creations is the above daisy and rose hybrid.

Round 2 Results: Bubbettes Family


  • 66 days to adult
  • Friends: J Huntington III (Young Adult, Tech Guru), Braxton (Adult, Unemployed), Mehki (Elder, Unemployed)
  • Romantic Interests: Braxton Ponder
  • Skills: Gardening (6), Charisma (4), Cooking (3), Comedy (3), Mischief (2), Video Gaming (3), Fishing (1)
  • Aspiration: Milestone 3 of 4 (Freelance Botanist)
  • 11 of 32 plants collected
  • Second Most Common Emotion: Uncomfortable
  • Current Whims: Call Someone, Tell Story to Self, Chat with Madison

Up Next: Round 2 continues. We meet a new household- The Smith Family!


4 thoughts on “Round 2: The Bubbettes Family

  1. She makes me want to garden =)

    I appreciate that she’s friends with an older depressed guy.

    Tommy and I were also impressed that they have colds in the sims! Changed a lot since I played many years ago.

    Also, seeing her hairstyles change makes me wish I was good at hairstyling.

    • They have lots of illnesses. In the Sims 4, they came with the Get to Work expansion (and the doctor career). However, they’ve been around since the original Sims’ first expansion pack (Living Large). Each iteration brings some variation of them…some mundane, some are silly (the one in the original Sims was caught by playing with the guinea pig). Sims is all about the weird details (why I like it) and expect more surprising details to happen as they make more expansions. 😀

  2. It’s was pretty neat to see the sim get sick. I don’t have the Get to Work EP yet. I wasn’t sure it had more than just new stuff and the ability to see the sim ‘go to work’. Do you know of any other illnesses they get?

    • There are 8 illnesses listed in the expansion. And they can be cured with medicine from the computer or have their symptoms reduced with OJ or herbal tea. I haven’t played enough hours with the new expansion to really see many illnesses. I’ll point them out as they happen the the new Sims though!

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