Round 1: The Bubbettes Family

Welcome to Round 1 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round 1: The Bubbettes

07-04-15_12-11 PM

Our first resident has moved in! How exciting! She moved into this small two-bedroom home near the park.

07-04-15_12-11 PM-3

This is Megera. She’s an outgoing young adult who loves the outdoors, gardening, causing mischief, and talking to herself. Her moods fluctuate wildly, but that keeps things interesting.

07-04-15_12-14 PM

Not only does Megera like to garden, but it’s her life’s passion and her primary source of income. Given that, the first thing we did was buy her some garden boxes!

07-04-15_12-16 PM

Megera also requested a television…and a pool…and a hot tub. Since her income will be weak for a little while, we need to save all her money. So for now, she just got the small television available.

07-04-15_12-16 PM-3

To supplement her gardening incoming, she digs for gemstones, fossils, metals and the like to sell.

07-04-15_12-17 PM

Right outside her door is a park! Now that our garden is set, we should check that out.

07-04-15_12-18 PM

She attempted to make friends with a group of people sitting at a picnic table, but they pretty much ignored her. Particularly the girl in the striped shirt who just kept talking over her.

07-04-15_12-19 PM

Running on the path next to the park was J Huntington III who came over to welcome her to the neighborhood.

07-04-15_12-20 PM-3

They hit it off very well. He loved her jokes- even the hand buzzer.

07-04-15_12-31 PM

Megera’s first attempt at cooking….I think she is wondering how to turn tomatoes into a salad.

07-04-15_1-08 PM-3

Mealtimes with Megera are fun. She gets bored sitting by herself at the table, so she tells herself elaborate stories…complete with dramatic hand-waving.

07-04-15_1-11 PM

Everyday, Megera was out in her garden in the morning, and then over in the park in the afternoon.

07-04-15_1-22 PM

She tried to make friends with Bob Pancakes, but he did NOT appreciate her jokes. However, Braxton (the guy in the gray coat) was kind and very flirty the first time they met.

07-04-15_1-27 PM

In addition to ordering starter seed packages, Megera found strawberries, snapdragons, mushrooms and roses in the wild which she took some seeds from to add to her garden.

07-04-15_2-47 PM

She continued to meet new and interesting people in the parks.

07-04-15_2-45 PM

And her garden grew.

07-04-15_3-39 PM

She took up fishing- only for the excellent fertilizer.

07-04-15_4-22 PM

The same group of people show up daily in the park. Megera is slowly building relationships with all of them, earning her place in the group.

07-04-15_4-25 PM

J isn’t one of the park crew, but they have talked on the phone a few times. He has become her first friend in this new town.

07-04-15_6-28 PM-2

Braxton is at the parks often, and has come over Megera’s house. While she isn’t as close to Braxton as J, she’s definitely attracted to him.

Round 1 Results: Bubbettes Family


  • 73 days to adult
  • Friends: J Huntington III
  • Romantic Interests: Braxton Ponder
  • Skills: Gardening (4), Charisma (3), Cooking (3), Comedy (2), Mischief (1), Video Gaming (1), Fishing (1)
  • Aspiration: Milestone 2 of 4 (Freelance Botanist)
  • 9 of 32 plants collected
  • Most Common Emotion: Happiness

Up Next: Round 2 begins! First up will be Megera again!


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