Newcrest is Alive!

07-03-15_8-13 PM-2

Our new town has been created and the settings have been tweaked (only age the house I am playing, don’t move NPCs into empty houses, long lifespan, etc…).

07-03-15_8-13 PM

I have added a queue to the right sidebar that shows you the upcoming residents of Newcrest. A new resident will be added at the end of each round.

07-03-15_7-19 PM-3

I’ve already created the first Sim (Megera) and I’m getting her settled in now. You’ll learn more about her soon.

07-03-15_7-19 PM-2 07-03-15_7-19 PM

I’ve downloaded several starter homes from the online gallery and placed a couple of them in Newcrest.

07-03-15_7-18 PM

None of the homes pictured above are actually Megera’s home.

07-03-15_7-06 PM-2

It’s never too late to join our new community. You can do so here or by clicking the link in the “Newcrest Queue” box.

07-03-15_7-06 PM

See you around town!


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