I think I have something new in the works…

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do…

Why is the Bachelor challenge so appealing to me? It’s the creation of new Sims based on other people’s suggestions. I enjoy making random Sims. When other people give me ideas for those Sims, the Sims seem more natural…it increases the diversity of my population.

What else do I like about it? Organizing! If you read my regular blog, Crazy Cat Nerd, you are probably well aware of my need/desire to organize, over-plan, make binders, graphs, polls and spreadsheets (why do I not work in an office??).

Notice I didn’t mention the show, the romance, the drama, etc..? It’s not the theme of the challenge I enjoy, it’s the mechanics.

Downsides of the Bachelor? Contestants get eliminated. Yes, in some ways that’s fun, but I don’t think it is quite as fun for the creators behind the contestants that get eliminated or for the people who grow attached to a specific Sim. Also, it requires me to collect a bunch of Sims all at once- and not everyone is in the mood to fill out one of my surveys all at once, LOL.

I liked the Community Sim idea…where everyone contributed to create a Sim and helped shape its path. BUT…that played really slowly and I had the sense that people had conflicting views of how the Sims life was supposed to play out. While I like Marina and Rebecca just fine, they don’t seem to play as well as some other Sims. Of course, these initial Sims were also when things were just starting out…and mistakes were made with aging, etc…

With the Sims 4, we had the return of rotational game play as a possibility. In the Sims 2, they designed it so that it was easy (and expected) for you to play an entire neighborhood. In the Sims 3, each household required a separate save, so it was hard to play one cohesive town. The Sims 4  lends itself well to both options, provided you learn how to handle the aging controls and, ideally, play an entire neighborhood so that all your Sims age together.

Playing rotational style, with an entire neighborhood, means that all your Sims friends are families you play. We get to see both sides of the story and watch as the children grow up together.

So, I’ve started thinking…what if I do a rotational style game WITH Sims that folks submit via survey (or through the in-game library).  I wouldn’t need all the families at once. I can slowly add in families are they are created.

The more I think about it, the more I like it. Stay tuned.


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