Tanya & Tanner: After the Bachelor Challenge

It’s time to check in with the Bachelor and his new wife, Tanya from my first Sims 4 Bachelor Challenge.

04-01-15_5-57 PM

I think this may be Tanya’s work uniform, or she went shopping without me. It don’t understand the hat. Anyway, Tanya & Tanner are as affectionate as ever.

04-01-15_6-28 PM-6

Tanner does most of the cooking, but they often eat together at this counter.

04-01-15_6-28 PM-2


Tanner does a great job of getting Tanya out of her sad moods.

04-01-15_6-51 PM

Their evenings are often spent like this…Tanner practicing music while Tanya is reading. He is working as an entertainer, and she has a job as a writer.

04-01-15_7-23 PM-2

See? Every evening!

04-01-15_7-26 PM

On the weekend, Tanya practices her logic skill through reading books about the subject and playing chess.

04-01-15_8-30 PM

Tanner started a friendship with this guy, Tim, whom I refer to as the man in the pink hat.

04-01-15_9-18 PM

Tanya got a promotion, which earned her a computer! Hmm…I think this might mean Marina has had a free computer sitting in her inventory for quite sometime. I need to check.


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