Dianna Winter Gets a Job

The first Sims 4 expansion was released earlier this week. It’s called “Get to Work” and the primary focus of the pack is the addition of active careers: Detective, Doctor and Scientist. I’ve been looking forward to playing the Detective since it was announced as I’m a fan of murder mysteries. Well…none of the Sims I am currently playing suited how I wanted to play Detective. It didn’t suit Marina or Rebecca’s personalities, and I didn’t want to play with it in a multiple Sim household just yet. This is a career-is-life sort of situation. So…I made Dianna Winter.

03-31-15_7-44 PM

Dianna did take a couple of selfies, but I didn’t take photos of the selfies for you…so you don’t get to see her face just yet. 🙂 Dianna moved to Willow Creek from far away. She has no friends or family. She purchased a cheap but furnished home.

03-31-15_7-46 PM

On her first day, she explored her neighborhood, did a bit of shopping, met some people, and watched some TV. She met Amanda and they had a good conversation.

03-31-15_8-32 PM


She met Preston Stiles. He was cute, despite his apparent lack of ambition (he’s a pizza delivery specialist).

03-31-15_9-12 PM

Dianna started her new job as a cadet.

03-31-15_9-12 PM-2

03-31-15_9-13 PM

The building was big and intimidating.

03-31-15_9-17 PM

She was assigned to a senior detective to help solve a case.

03-31-15_9-18 PM

When she arrived on scene, she was instructed to take photographs, collect samples, and search for evidence.

03-31-15_9-19 PM

It was a vandalism case. She took about a dozen samples, a handful of pictures, took a report from a witness and dusted for fingerprints.

03-31-15_9-27 PM

She learned how to analyze a sample, but turned the rest over to the senior detective.

03-31-15_9-33 PM

While the senior detective was continuing to work on the case, she was instructed to process criminals- mug shots, fingerprints, searches, etc…

03-31-15_10-44 PM

Oh, look, the selfies! She posted them on her wall that night. Her house was pretty devoid of decor.

03-31-15_10-45 PM

With the exception of this monster that she purchased when she was visiting the shops.

The following day, she patrolled for awhile, and then assisted in the arrest and processing of the vandal.


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