Aging Problems

One of the small, very minor things I don’t like about the Sims 4 is I’m having trouble making the aging options work for my play style.

I like auto-aging. It seems more realistic. I want the Sims in my neighborhood to grow old.

However, I like to run multiple families. I used to have each family in their own separate save. The Sims 4 only has one save. Now, I do like the fact my Sims from different families can become friends, but it also means that if I have the neighborhood age…the neighbors are aging x times as fast as my Sims where x equals the number of families I have.

For example, Marina’s neighbor/friend/potential love interest aged when I played Marina, but also aged when I played Rebecca and Amanda & Martha. Johnnie, Amanda’s fiancee, turned to an elder while I was visiting other Sims.

I don’t see a way around this except to shut aging off for the rest of the world (my families will still age when I play them). We can age up important people (like childhood friends) if we need to, and adults can just hang out until we have them move-in with my current families (and then they’ll age).

Slightly different note:

I’ve installed the Sims 4 Get to Work!!!! All future posts will be with this expansion installed (except the next Rebecca Brown update on Catnerd).


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