Amanda & Martha get a Roommate

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Last time on Amanda & Martha, Amanda became engaged to Johnnie.

03-25-15_6-51 PM-2

Amanda & Johnnie were married in the park.

03-25-15_6-51 PM-3 03-25-15_6-51 PM-4 03-25-15_6-52 PM-5 03-25-15_6-52 PM-6

The did hire an entertainer and a bartender, but otherwise kept things pretty simple.

03-25-15_6-52 PM-7

03-25-15_6-53 PM 03-25-15_6-56 PM

Dinner was made on the grill.

03-25-15_6-56 PM-2 03-25-15_6-58 PM

Johnnie moved into Amanda & Martha’s house shortly after.

03-25-15_7-59 PM

Johnnie was clearly retired when he joined the house- he added lots of funds, but lacked a job. He had also aged quickly (A/N: more on that next post).

03-25-15_8-01 PM

Johnnie does have a hobby, though, and one that does make him some money.

03-25-15_8-20 PM

Johnnie likes collecting things he finds outside…fossils, gems, frogs, time capsules, whatever…if it’s hiding outside, Johnnie is after it.

03-28-15_6-46 PM

He’s been quite enjoyable to play. When Amanda or Martha is at work, the other one is usually sleeping (Amanda works the standard 9 to 5, and Martha works nights). Exploring the world with Johnnie entertains me during these times.

03-23-15_8-08 PM

Amanda and Martha are doing well- tired, busy and focused on work.

03-24-15_6-21 PM-2

Amanda dances when she’s stressed from work.

03-23-15_8-38 PM-2

Martha goes online and trolls forums for entertainment.

Amanda & Martha will be back soon! Amanda is looking to start a family, and Martha has to work on her mean reputation!


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