Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part B

Host: After a substantial grieving period for the loss of a contestant, the Bachelor challenge is back on track with our two final contestants participating in one-on-one overnight cabin dates!

03-17-15_6-30 PM-2

After a bit of conversation and some flirting, Steven wandered off to take a nap while Tanner took a shower.

03-17-15_6-31 PM

Fire: crackle crackle snap pop crackle

03-17-15_6-36 PM

Steven: It’s really beautiful out here.

Tanner: Yeah. I had a great time playing horseshoes earlier today.

03-17-15_7-05 PM

Tanner: This show is insane. She’s never seen him outside the bear costume. How are they dating?

03-17-15_7-05 PM-2

03-17-15_7-06 PM

Host: Before starting his next date. Tanner went back to the mansion.

03-17-15_8-07 PM

Where they ghost of Stephanie made an appearance. We’ve never had a haunted Bachelor Mansion before!

The final date was with Tanya…

03-17-15_8-15 PM

Tanner: That one is totally a schoolbus.

Tanya: No, no, no…that’s an elephant.

03-17-15_8-17 PM

Tanner: Let’s see if we can get the cabin in the background.

03-17-15_8-38 PM

03-17-15_8-41 PM

03-17-15_8-44 PM

Host: Tanner made fish tacos for dinner.

03-17-15_9-27 PM

Tanner and Tanya got some practice being domestic together.

03-17-15_9-28 PM-2

Romance in the kitchen.

03-17-15_9-29 PM

Well, he’s certainly smitten.

03-17-15_9-29 PM-2

Tanner was a little confused about where this joke was headed…

03-17-15_9-29 PM-3

But it all worked out.

03-17-15_9-30 PM

And Tanya showed off her back massage skills.

Who will Tanner choose? Steven or Tanya? Will he propose? Find out on the next episode!


3 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part B

  1. Squee! So exciting! I love how Tanner looked totally surprised by both kisses. And boy, that ghost sure looked creepy in red. Are they always red like that?

    Talking about a bear suit, that wasn’t one of your other Sims you blog about, was it?

    Mmm… fish tacos =)

    • No, they aren’t always red. In fact, SHE wasn’t even read the entire time she was haunting that night. The red just reflected her current emotion. Tanner & Steven were watching the romance channeled, but I snagged elements from Amanda’s story for the actual conversation.

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