Community Sim #3: Personality & Eye Color

Poor CS #3! Totally neglected. Half created. I stopped playing my other Sims temporarily when I started the Bachelor Challenge. And completely forgot that we could have continued working on CS #3!

For Community Sim #3, we’ve decided: gender (male), skintone (see below), hair color, hair style, facial hair, his aspiration (deviance) and his lifetime goal (chief of mischief). So, this guy spends his days annoying people and playing pranks.

First- would you PLEASE name him? Just start throwing out male names in the comments section.

Next up…eyes. We need to redo this poll since something (a free content patch maybe?) cause there to be new eye colors in the game.



Let’s bring a bit more life to this guy. What is CS#3 like?

What is his clothing style?


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