Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part B

Author Notes: Things are a little chaotic over here since I am moving to another state- selling a house, buying a house, and moving in general are a lot of work! I was away last week house-hunting, but I am back. I am SUPER into the Sims right now thanks to the upcoming release of the next expansion. My time is the only thing that is keeping me from playing and posting. I’m going to try posting more on the Facebook page so you know when to anticipate a new post. So, be sure to check out that page. If you already “like” the page and haven’t seen the posts recently, it’s likely because FB is hiding them due to the low fan count and lack of activity on the posts, so stop by and leave a comment!

Host: Welcome back to the Bachelor! On our last episode our final four contestants went on a group date. Who will get this week’s one on one? First we look at their day off…

03-03-15_8-50 PM 03-03-15_8-50 PM-2

Tanya: We should consider eating healthier breakfasts.

03-03-15_9-14 PM

03-03-15_9-16 PM

Host: Tanner likes hugs, and he was apparently in a “huggy” mood today.

03-03-15_9-19 PM 03-03-15_9-20 PM

03-03-15_9-21 PM

03-01-15_12-44 PM

Host: And now it’s time for the one-on-one

03-08-15_2-39 PM

Anna and Tanner went to a nightclub. They started off with some dancing.

03-08-15_2-41 PM

And followed it up with drinks at the bar.

03-08-15_2-42 PM

Tanner: I really like this song :::dances in seat:::

03-08-15_2-44 PM

Tanner (to the bartender): So how long have you been mixing for this place?

03-08-15_2-45 PM-2

Anna: I heard the Llamas did well last night…

03-08-15_2-45 PM-3

Tanner: So…what sort of movies do you like to watch?

03-08-15_2-45 PM-4

03-08-15_2-45 PM-5

Anna: Did you see the guy outside with the purple hat?

03-02-15_8-38 PM

Host: After hanging out at the bar for awhile, Anna and Tanner came home and cleaned the kitchen.


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