Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 3 Part C

Host: Welcome to the conclusion of Round 3 on the Bachelor!

03-01-15_12-44 PM

It’s the morning of the cocktail party and garden ceremony. Stephanie managed to sneak in some extra time during breakfastThe morning was relatively quiet with people catching up on sleep, showering, eating and just ensuring they were well-played for the afternoon’s festivities.

03-01-15_1-13 PM-2

Today’s party was a general house party catered food and beverages, dancing, socializing, etc…

03-01-15_1-13 PM-3

03-01-15_1-13 PM-5

There are no particularly talented dancers in the group.

03-01-15_1-13 PM-6

03-01-15_1-14 PM

The bartender added some excitement to the event.

03-01-15_1-14 PM-2

03-01-15_1-14 PM-3

03-01-15_1-16 PM

Madilyn couldn’t decide which drink she wanted…so she opted for both.

03-01-15_1-18 PM

Steven: How do you think the Llamas are going to do against the Alpacas this week? I have a feeling they’ll excel on the ice, but fail on the field. 

03-01-15_5-06 PM

Tanya: The caterer made a disaster in the kitchen. Why are they required to clean up after themselves? But, you know, this is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten.

03-01-15_5-22 PM

03-01-15_5-22 PM-2

03-01-15_5-23 PM

Tanner: I’ve had another great week here. And I’d really like to thank each of you for being here. Decisions are getting really difficult now, and it’ll just be getting harder from here on out.

03-01-15_5-24 PM

If he accepts, my first choice to stay is Steven.

03-01-15_5-24 PM-2

Followed by Anna.

03-01-15_5-25 PM


03-01-15_5-25 PM-3

And finally, Stephanie.

03-01-15_5-26 PM

Host: I’m sorry, Stephanie. Take a moment and say your goodbyes.

03-01-15_5-27 PM-2

Tanner: You are a beautiful and fascinating woman, Madilyn, but I feel like a lot of the other relationships have progressed a lot further. 

Madilyn:  :::sniffles::: ::::nods:::


4 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 3 Part C

  1. Oh man, all the dancing was great! Tanya looked so mad lol Stephen and Tanner had some of the same dance moves.

    Also, the bar tender was super cute :3

  2. Could you upload this version of Tanner to the gallery? I think he looks better with less muscles and that blue shirt looks awesome on him as well! =)

    • Haha. I just recolored the white shirt I think. He is exactly the same as I downloaded him, I just add a few extra outfits. And when I do that, I try to keep a lot of the clothing that the Sim came with, just add new colors, or similar items.

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