Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 3 Part B

Mod Note: Sorry for the delay in posting recently. My job schedule has prevented me from dedicating as much time as I’d like to the Sims. However, I am still fully invested in completing this challenge. It’s just taking me a lot longer to complete this round than the first two.

Host: Welcome back to Round 3 of The Bachelor Series 4! Last episode we had the first group date of Round 3. Who will Tanner select for the one-on-one this week?

02-20-15_12-44 PM

The day after the group date was another relaxing day where the contestants could catch up on their needs- sleeping, showering, reading, etc… Nothing interesting or unusual happened, it was a pretty quiet day. Tanner took up painting. We decided to display his art in the hallway with the easel and the guitar. The hallway is going to be referred to in the future as the “creative hallway”.

02-25-15_9-20 PM

Tanner selected Anna for his one-on-one. Anna and Tanner have the strongest friendship in the house, so Tanner is hoping to see some fireworks on this date.

02-25-15_9-21 PM

The date was at the local museum where they wandered around, chatted with several other visitors, and took selfies with the art.

02-25-15_9-22 PM

Anna: What?!? Woohoo in a rocket ship? :::laughs::: You have some weird life goals, Tanner.

Tanner: Hey, I think it is a perfectly realistic desire. :::laughs::: Where is your sense of adventure?

02-25-15_9-22 PM-2

Anna: I’m really glad you chose me for the one-on-one today. I’m so excited to be here with you. I feel like we get along really well, and I want to see where this goes.

02-25-15_9-22 PM-3

Tanner: She said the trick was to add some rum extract.

02-25-15_9-23 PM

Anna: And then he slipped on some banana peels!

02-25-15_9-25 PM

02-25-15_9-26 PM

Host: At some point in the afternoon, they got separated and distracted talking to other people visiting the museum.

02-25-15_9-26 PM-2

Hey look! It’s one of the stars of Amanda & Martha! We also saw Rebecca Brown today.

02-25-15_9-29 PM

Anna and Tanner eventually found each other again and stayed outside until 10:30pm chatting. They laughed and shared and became even better friends. Sadly, other than a bit of friendly flirting, no sparks flew on this date.

Will the lack of a romantic connection between Tanner and Anna cause Anna to get sent home this round? Or will Tanner keep his new, but close friend in the running? Find out next time.

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