Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 3 Part A

Host: We’ve seen both Sofie and Karina say goodbye to the Bachelor. Who will go this round?

02-20-15_10-12 AM

Host: Instead of having breakfast with Tanya on the patio, Tanner ate in the living while watching TV with Steve. Tanner had a hot dog while Steve had toast and eggs.

02-20-15_10-15 AM

Host: This round’s group date was a campfire in the backyard.

02-20-15_10-18 AM-2

Host: While some contestants were smooth with the romantic gestures.

02-20-15_10-20 AM

Host: Other contestants were a little more awkward.

02-20-15_10-20 AM-2

Drama broke out when the campfire flames leaped onto a chair and lamp. No one was hurt. Thank goodness Tanya had enough sense to put the fire out.

02-20-15_10-22 AM

Tanner: Wow. I’m so impressed with how you handled that situation. You’re great to have around in an emergency.

02-20-15_10-23 AM

Steven: :::blows kiss at Tanner:::

02-20-15_10-25 AM

Tanner: So, I saw on TV this morning there is this new vacuum that is excellent for sucking up llama hair.

02-20-15_10-26 AM-2

Host: Anna’s attempts to embrace Tanner romantically were not well received- though he did give her a hug right after.

02-20-15_10-27 AM

Host: Stephanie and Tanya stayed up late chatting after everyone had gone to bed.



2 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 3 Part A

  1. Steven and Tanner seem to be getting along very well. I think it was really cool to have a campfire in the backyard. =)

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