The Bachelor 4.1: Round 2 Part B

Host: Welcome to another exciting episode of the Bachelor. Who will be the next One-on-One? Find out today on the Bachelor!

02-15-15_6-12 PM

Host: The following day was a relaxation day in the house. Time to catch up on sleep and hygiene…some contestants chose to do both at the same time.

02-15-15_7-38 PM

Anna was seen cleaning the house more than once. Thankfully someone in the house is domestic.

02-15-15_7-46 PM

Tanner: “…she walked up to me and she asked me to dance. I asked her a name and in a dark brown voice she said…”

02-18-15_6-53 PM

Tanya: :::nomnomnom::::

Tanner: :::nomnomnom:::

02-18-15_6-56 PM

Anna: WHO ON EARTH HAS BEEN HIDING DISHES BEHIND THE STAIRS?! Good gravy, people. It’s not hard to wash a dish.

02-19-15_3-38 PM

Fire: :::crackle:::

02-19-15_3-38 PM-2

Tanner: ARG! Defeated again!

02-19-15_3-39 PM

Tanner: Just one more time…

02-19-15_4-13 PM

Host: Tanner chose to take Steven to the park for the one-on-one. They went explored the park and did some fishing.

02-19-15_4-14 PM-3

Steven was feeling a bit impish and did some teasing in the morning. Tanner was not amused.

02-19-15_4-15 PM

But Steven quickly turned the conversation around by bringing up the Lightning Llamas again.

02-19-15_4-15 PM-2

Tanner: I enjoy playing games in my free time. Do you?

02-19-15_4-15 PM-4

Tanner: So, do you think the Lightning Llamas will make the playoffs?

02-19-15_4-17 PM-2

Steven: Your arm muscles are stunning. Do you work out?

02-19-15_4-17 PM-3

Tanner: Hmm…if I move this guy here…

02-19-15_4-18 PM

Steven: Play another round? Maybe I’ll let you win this time.

02-19-15_4-18 PM-3


02-19-15_4-18 PM-4

Tanner: He can run fast. Am I supposed to chase him?

02-19-15_4-19 PM

Steven: Sorry. My stomach was telling me there was food over here!

Tanner: Well, at least give me a warning next time!

02-19-15_4-19 PM-2

Steven: Have you heard of this thing called “rain” or “thunderstorms”? Apparently, water used to come down from the sky. Previous generations experienced it, but I’ve never seen it. Think it’ll come back?

02-19-15_4-19 PM-3

Tanner: Have you figured out how to use the coffee machine in the house?

02-19-15_4-19 PM-5

Steven: I’m envious of the bed you have. They beds they gave the contestants are so small.

02-19-15_4-19 PM-4

Steven: I’m so glad you picked me for this one-on-one. I had a great time. I think we make a great couple!

Tanner: I had a really good time as well. Thanks for being here.

02-19-15_4-22 PM-2

Tanner: “I remember the night, I remember the sound, I remember the light, When the moon came ’round, The night flowers bloomed, The air so sweet, I remember you, I remember me”



2 thoughts on “The Bachelor 4.1: Round 2 Part B

  1. Tanner and Steven look cute as a couple! Steven made the right move when he brought up the Lightning Llamas. ( We all know how much Tanner loves them!) XD

  2. Hiding dishes behind the stairs, eh. That’s an idea I might have to steal 😉 Is Steven a college student? I know they have free food radar like that lol Go Lightning Llamas!!! I’m sure they’ll crush the Avalanche Alpacas 😉

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