Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 2 Part A

Host: Welcome to another exciting round of the Bachelor! Last round Tanner said goodbye to Sofia who had showed him little more than her materialistic nature. Who will he eliminate this round?

02-15-15_3-17 PM

The group date took place a local bar. 

02-15-15_3-21 PM

The contestants chatted with locals and each other, drank and of course tried to score some alone time with the Bachelor. 

Tanner: Having the bar for the group date this round allowed me to see another side of the girls. They made friends with some of the locals and I got to see how they handle outside social situations.

02-15-15_3-22 PM

Madilyn: This is such a great little place. I had never been here before, it has a nice homey-feel with the couch setup.

02-15-15_3-23 PM

Tanner: And then the crowd went wild. Yeah, so my first concert was pretty cool.

02-15-15_3-23 PM-4

Madilyn: Tanner, you have such a great laugh. It’s contagious!

02-15-15_3-25 PM-2

Tanya: I just want you to know I do want to be here, and I am serious about this process. I am just really shy. 

02-15-15_3-25 PM-3

Tanya: Hmm…yes, I very much enjoyed one I read recently about an ogre and a dragon. It had a lot of action, but also made me laugh out loud.

02-15-15_3-26 PM

Tanner: I finished one last week about this guy who escapes from prison. It was based on a true story, so it was very interesting.

02-15-15_3-59 PM

Steven: So did you see the Lightning Llamas last game? Woo…that last catch was unbelievable.

02-15-15_3-59 PM-5

Tanner: You seem really creative, have you ever tried playing a musical instrument?

02-15-15_3-59 PM-7

Steven: Oh yeah, I used to volunteer at one of their other agencies. 

02-15-15_4-01 PM

Anna: Well, you’ll just need to try my recipe then. I guarantee they are delicious.

02-15-15_4-02 PM-3

Anna: Okay, so I need to be upfront here. Just to make sure we aren’t wasting anyone’s time. So, I want a lot of kids…like as many as possible. Is that something you are okay with?

02-15-15_4-02 PM-4

Tanner: I would definitely be open to a lot of children. We can form our own band!

02-15-15_4-04 PM

Karina: I can’t believe the fashion sense of some of these girls. It’s ridiculous.

02-15-15_4-04 PM-3

Tanner: I don’t see anything wrong with how anyone dresses.

02-15-15_4-04 PM-4

Karina: Anna is totally obsessed with having children. Personally, I don’t want them. They are goopy messes who cry all the time. 

02-15-15_4-05 PM

Stephanie: This music is great! Having fun?

02-15-15_4-06 PM-4

Tanner: Yeah, I’m having a great time. Hey, I know this song!

02-15-15_4-06 PM-3

Stephanie: :::kisses his hands::: You are looking good tonight! I wish it was just the two of us here!

02-15-15_5-44 PM

Stephanie: So I heard on the news that there were going to be some new career opportunities opening up around here…doctors, detectives, scientists, and maybe photographers?

Random Guy: :::drunk dancing::: Do a dittle lance….lake a mittle dove…

02-15-15_5-45 PM

Host: Apparently when Anna gets drunk, she does push-ups.

02-15-15_5-47 PM

And that’s it for this episode of the Bachelor! Thanks for reading!

Author Note: Feel free to guess the traits of any of the contestants (that aren’t yours) in the comments. I am trying to show, not tell, you their traits.


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