Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Part D

Host: Welcome to the final episode of the first round of the Bachelor! 

02-13-15_1-31 PM 02-13-15_1-31 PM-2

This afternoon we had a Black & White cocktail party. 

02-13-15_1-32 PM

Madilyn: Arg! There are too many people here. I didn’t even get to use the shower this morning.

02-13-15_1-32 PM-2

Madilyn: Sorry  to vent. I just think everyone is in a bad mood today. This process is hard on all of us.

02-13-15_1-35 PM

Tanya: Sorry, I’m a bit of a loner, so this whole process is stressful for me.

02-13-15_1-37 PM

Steven: Man, we really need to get volunteers to clean the house. The kitchen is a mess.

02-13-15_1-39 PM

Host: Everyone was in a foul mood during the cocktail party. It had been a long week. The Bachelor pretty much just listened to everyone vent the whole time.

02-13-15_1-41 PM

Host: Karina went so far as to yell at him, and Sofia pass out early on in the evening. 

02-14-15_4-44 PM

Host: The girls had a short break, and then it was time for the Garden Ceremony.

02-14-15_4-45 PM

Tanner: I would like to thank each and every one of you for being here and for taking this process seriously.  I can definitely see my future spouse here. Of course, if any of you aren’t feeling the same, please feel free to leave. There will be no hard feelings, I want everyone to be 100% committed and comfortable with the process. 

My first choice for who I’d like to stay is…Stephanie.

02-14-15_4-46 PM

Next, I would like Anna to stay.

02-14-15_4-50 PM


02-14-15_4-52 PM


02-14-15_4-52 PM-2


Host: There is only one spot remaining…

02-14-15_4-53 PM

Take your time, Tanner.

02-14-15_4-53 PM-2 02-14-15_4-54 PM

Tanner: Karina.

02-14-15_4-54 PM-2

Host: Sofia, please say your goodbyes.


We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Bachelor. We’ll have the first episode of Round 2 posted soon!




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