Bachelor 4.1: Round #1 Part C

Host: Welcome to another exciting episode of The Bachelor! It’s time for the Bachelor to pick his first one-on-one.

Today’s one-on-one will take place in a garden next to the house where the Bachelor and his chosen contestant will be able to spend some quality time together in private.

02-11-15_12-13 PM

Tanner: I chose Stephanie for first one-on-one because I feel we have a lot in common. She’s seems like a good person and I was interested in getting to know her better.

02-11-15_12-14 PM

Stephanie: …because pepper water would make them sneeze!!! :::chuckles::: Sorry, I like corny jokes.

02-11-15_12-14 PM-2

Tanner: :::hilarious laughter:::: They slide down the banana-ster ::::more laughing::: You are just full of these animal jokes, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, well I like to make people feel comfortable and I find jokes break the ice really well!

02-11-15_12-14 PM-3

Stephanie: But seriously, I just wanted you to know that I am totally in this. I really want to find love. In fact, it’s the most important thing in my life, to find that special someone.

02-11-15_12-15 PM

Stephanie: I know the rose ceremony used to be apart of the Bachelor, but can no longer be used. So, I am offering you this rose instead.

Tanner: Really? Thank you, that’s very sweet.

02-11-15_12-16 PM

Tanner: I’m looking for a girl who is really down to earth and genuine. It’s important that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

02-11-15_12-16 PM-2

Stephanie: I’ve definitely dated a few guys in the past, but none of them have been serious about settling down. I’m interested in finding the one person, you know? I’m ready to commit.

02-11-15_12-17 PM

Host: After the one-on-one,  the Bachelor and contestants spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the mansion. 

02-11-15_12-19 PM

The most activity of the day was watching adventure movies on the big screen TV.

02-11-15_12-20 PM

Contestants continued to form friendships. 

02-11-15_12-22 PM 02-11-15_12-22 PM-2 02-11-15_12-22 PM-3 02-11-15_12-23 PM

See? They were in their all day…with people coming and going. 

02-11-15_12-24 PM

Tanya preferred to get away from the crowds as they seem to stress her out a little.

02-11-15_12-24 PM-2

Anna enjoyed the company of others, but when she wasn’t interested in the movie, she opted for a book instead.

Next time on the Bachelor…

The final event of this round- the cocktail party, and then the garden ceremony where one of our contestants will be eliminated!



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