Host: Welcome back for another exciting episode of the Bachelor!

02-10-15_10-45 PM

Yesterday we had our first group “date” where the ladies introduced themselves to the Bachelor. Today there are no plans. In between each set of dates there is a rest and relaxation day at the house. There is plenty to do in the house multiple living areas with a television, computers, books, exercise equipment, stereo and even a chess board.

02-11-15_12-24 PM 02-11-15_12-24 PM-3 02-11-15_12-27 PM

Some contestants sought out some alone time while playing video games.

02-11-15_12-25 PM

Tanner, the Bachelor himself, escaped the crowd with a video game at one point during the day.

02-11-15_10-00 AM

The house is even equipped with musical instruments, which our musically-inclined Bachelor found right away.

Tanner: “Why does it always rain on me? Even when the sun is shining, I can’t avoid the lightning…”

02-11-15_10-03 AM

Host: Other contestants took the time to make sure they were looking good for the Bachelor.

02-11-15_10-05 AM

Stephanie: Hmm…yeah…I don’t know how to make Baked Alaska either. 

02-11-15_10-08 AM

Tanner: Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight…

02-11-15_10-15 AM

Host: The contestants are beginning to get to know each other and friendships are forming.

02-11-15_10-16 AM

Host: The Bachelor took advantage of the treadmill and got in a good run.

02-11-15_10-21 AM

As usual, Tanner was the first one in bed. It’s an important day for him tomorrow, though, his first one-on-one. 

Has the Bachelor already made up his mind about who he is choosing for his first one-on-one?

Find out next time in another exciting episode of The Bachelor!



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