Bachelor 4.1: Round #1 Part A

Moderator Note: Autonomy is a key component in the Bachelor challenges. At the start of the challenge, I setup a spreadsheet that contains all the venues for dates, the schedule of events, a short list of actions that will be initiated by me to encourage the process and the calculation (yes, I said calculation) that determines who is selected for a 1-0n-1. Aside from the pre-determined actions and making sure everyone gets where they need to be, I pretty much focus my attention on the Bachelor making sure his needs are met and he stays in a good mood. The girls are free to fend for themselves. They are also free to approach the Bachelor on their own. In order to maintain a good story, I’m going to refrain from breaking the 4th wall within these posts. However, should you wish to know more, please leave your behind-the-scenes questions in the comments and I’ll add them to the FAQ. Feel free to leave other comments as well. I adore comments. Okay, on with the show!

Host: Welcome to the first installment of the Sims 4 Bachelor! Bachelor 4.1 is Tanner Palmer a budding musician with a good heart. Will he find his true love on the Bachelor?

02-10-15_9-41 PM

Host: Our contestants arrived at midnight. One Bachelor, 7 contestants. They were instructed to choose their bedrooms and get a good night sleep.

02-10-15_9-40 PM-2

02-10-15_9-41 PM-2

02-10-15_10-26 PM

Our Bachelor was up early and made everyone scrambled eggs for breakfast.

02-10-15_10-29 PM

Sofia (in the red) was quick to sit across from the Bachelor, and was therefore able to get in the first real conversation of the day.

02-10-15_10-29 PM

But Anna (white with pink) decided to eat her breakfast while standing next to the Bachelor so she could get in on the coversation.

02-10-15_10-35 PM

After breakfast, the group spread out. Today’s group day was just a day at the house where contestants could settle in, but also find the time to talk with Bachelor before he had to make his 1 on 1 decision! Madilyn got to him first.

Madilyn: I’m so excited to be here and to meet you. I am glad they picked you. I heard you were a musician and I am really into music. 

Tanner: Really? Nice. Yeah, I’m just getting started, but music is definitely my thing. What sort of music do you like?

02-10-15_10-36 PM

Tanya: Hi…erm…well, I’m Tanya. It’s really nice to meet you. Sorry, I’ve just been…umm…feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are just so many people living in this house.

Tanner: Oh, I know, right? I’m with you, there. Definitely a lot of people. So, what sorts of things are you into?

02-10-15_10-38 PM

Tanya: Hi Steven! It’s so good to see you again. 

Steven: Tanya! I was looking for you. Hope you are feeling better!


02-10-15_10-38 PM-2

Tanner: Hi, I don’t think we’ve met.

Steven: No, we haven’t! I’m Steven.

Tanner: Nice to meet you, Steven. That’s a great sweater.

02-10-15_10-40 PM

Anna: And then what happened?

Tanner:  The garage totally exploded!!!! Man, we got in so much trouble after that.

02-10-15_10-42 PM

Karina: Hmm…looks like Tanya might have a thing for Steven. It’d probably be best to let her down soon. Less complications, more time for the rest of us.

Tanner: Really? I thought they were just friends. She didn’t seem like his type…

02-10-15_10-43 PM-2

SofiaI love this pool. I’m disappointed there isn’t a hot tub. My future home will definitely have a hot tub.

Stephanie: A hot tub would have been fun. So, Tanner, how are you doing? Everything going good so far?

Tanner: Oh definitely. I’m totally stoked to be here, particularly around all these attractive singles. 


Host: And that will wrap up the first part of round 1. Anyone have any favorites yet? Who are you rooting for? Part B will be arriving shortly.


Amanda Takes a Romantic Hike

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Last time Amanda went on another camping trip. She brought Johnnie along to convince him that a relationship between them was a good idea.

02-04-15_4-59 PM

After the campfire debacle, Amanda decided to start off slow. They went on a peaceful hike through the woods. They spent a lot of time talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

02-04-15_5-01 PM

Then Amanda tossed “slow” out the door and planted one on Johnnie’s lips.

02-04-15_5-03 PM

The rest of the hike was very, very different.

02-04-15_5-05 PM

The stopped to watch the clouds go by- just like they did when they met. Then Amanda asked Johnnie if he’d be her boyfriend and he said “no”.

02-04-15_5-41 PM-2

After that, Amanda went back to being very confused, and taking things slowly.

02-04-15_5-42 PM



They spent the rest of their vacation having fun as friends.

02-04-15_6-38 PM

On the last day, though, Amanda took a big leap of faith, and asked Johnnie to marry her. She wanted to skip over all that other stuff- a Sims lifespan is only so long, you know?

02-04-15_6-38 PM-2

Amazingly, Johnnie said “yes”.

02-04-15_6-38 PM-3

He seemed pretty excited about the whole thing.

02-04-15_6-39 PM

And then they celebrated!

Mod note: In fairness to Amanda…a Sims lifespan is only about ~66 days. That means she’s been courting this guy for the equivalent of 8 human years.