Bachelor 4.1: We have our Bachelor! We have our Mansion!

And the winner is…..


Tanner Palmer created by IronKnight35 is our Round 1 Bachelor!!!

02-09-15_9-34 AM-2

Host: Tanner, you are about to embark on a crazy adventure to find your future wife, how does it feel?

Tanner: It’s really amazing. I am truly grateful and honored that the audience has chosen me to be the next Bachelor. I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but I am very thankful.

Host: Do you think you are going to find your future wife?

Tanner: Absolutely. I have every intention of finding the right woman for me and I really hope she’s here. I plan to take the process seriously and not waste anyone’s time.

02-10-15_12-11 PM

The Bachelor Mansion is complete! It has 8 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, several different living areas, a pool and some surprises!

All we need now is the ladies! The ladies will be determined TONIGHT. So get your contestants in now! Remember you have several options…

1) The Short Form– Click this one if you have no experience with the Sims, have a bit of free time (~15 minutes?), and would like to submit a Sim. Simmers are welcome to use this form as well if they don’t have a premade.

2) The Short Short Form–  Click this one for the very truncated 5 minute version for non-Simmers.

3) The Gallery Form– Click this one if you own the Sims 4 and have a Sim on the gallery you wish to submit.

You can also tag your Sim with #opisbachelor in the gallery!


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