Marina: Day 13

This is part of my “Community Sims” series where readers of this blog help create the Sims I use. Check out the rest of the posts here.  And please, feel free to vote in the most current poll to help me design the next community sim (#3, we are working on his hair, see below)!

So far, you have decided that Marina should pursue the maximum level of gardening achievement and become friends with Travis and Summer. You also decided she should not pursue a relationship with Travis just yet. She is allowed to pursue three of her own whims per day, regardless as to whether or not that match our goals for her. She spends time cooking one decent meal a day, but the rest she just grabs something quick like yogurt or cereal.  She is currently saving up to purchase a computer. You decided that on this day off, she should work on her career and hang out with Travis.

Another day off! How exciting! I woke up early this morning- well, for me anyway! I finished reading the book I was working on, and then headed to the library to practice my writing skills!

02-06-15_9-31 AM

I spent most of my day at library working on my writing and chatting with the people near me. Ronnie and I chatted for while about all sorts of things.

02-06-15_9-32 AM-2 02-06-15_9-32 AM-3

And I also chatted with a couple of women, they didn’t stay long so I don’t remember their names. Oops! I feel bad, they seemed nice!

02-06-15_9-34 AM

After the library, I went back home to grab a quick bite and freshen up. Then I went next store to see if Travis was home.

02-06-15_9-42 AM


He was! As usually, we spent the entire evening chatting.

02-06-15_9-43 AM  02-06-15_9-43 AM-3 02-06-15_9-44 AM 02-06-15_9-44 AM-2


We told jokes, talked about the neighborhood, and chatted about our interests.

02-06-15_9-45 AM

And guess what?! We decided, officially, that we are best friends! We hugged on it!

02-06-15_9-45 AM-3

Then we took a photo together.


02-06-15_9-46 AM

Chatted some more.

02-06-15_9-46 AM-3



And finally when it was time to leave, another hug!



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