Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Choose the next Bachelor!

Who will be the next Bachelor? You decide!

Will it be….

#1) Cole Anderson: Cole is neat, active and a bit of a foodie. He strives to be a best-selling author! Created by erinsandy.

02-09-15_9-33 AM

02-09-15_9-33 AM-2 02-09-15_9-33 AM-3

#2) Tanner Palmer: Tanner is creative musician, confident, and a good guy. Created by IronKnight55

02-09-15_9-34 AM 02-09-15_9-34 AM-3 02-09-15_9-35 AM


#3) Dan Jones: Dan is a budding botantist. He’s a cheerful and outgoing guy who loves the outdoors. Created by chillyzgrrl.

02-09-15_9-36 AM-3 02-09-15_9-36 AM


02-09-15_9-37 AM

#4) Cybrind Elidin: Cybrind is searching for his soulmate. He is an active and ambitious guy who is really into music. Created by jennemm75.

02-09-15_9-39 AM 02-09-15_9-40 AM

02-09-15_9-40 AM-2

#5) Andre Dash: Andre lives for music and is a professional musician. He is a creative and romantic guy. Created by Kethwynn.

02-09-15_9-41 AM 02-09-15_9-41 AM-4 02-09-15_9-41 AM-5

#6) Keith Wynne: Keith has a twin sister. Keith wants to be a renaissance Sim by learning a lot about everything and pursuing a few different careers. He is both a genius and a bookworm. He is also a really good guy. Created by Kethwynn.

02-09-15_9-42 AM 02-09-15_9-42 AM-4 02-09-15_9-43 AM

#7) Travis Kent: Travis is strives to excel in the tech world. He’s a cheerful geek who is also a bit squeamish. Created by Opicana.

02-09-15_1-38 PM 02-09-15_1-38 PM-3 02-09-15_1-39 PM-2

Can’t decide? Don’t worry. These gentlemen have officially joined the Bachelor nation! The ones who aren’t the Bachelor this time may be the Bachelor next time, OR contestants on the next Bachelorette!

Remember to submit contestants! Go here for the FAQ.



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