Amanda Goes on Another Vacation!

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Last time, Amanda returned to the real world a little heart broken, but Johnnie aka “bear” returned to the story. Martha continued pursuing her desire to be as evil as possible.

02-04-15_2-45 PM

Amanda had settled into her work routine, and even be found working from home filling out reports of some kind on the computer.

02-04-15_2-45 PM-2

Martha set fire to herself in the kitchen. She was fine, but the oven needed to be replaced. Amanda came home from working feeling tense from everything and had 2 days off. Additionally, her work gave her a few vacation days at the start of her employment. So…

02-04-15_3-02 PM

Amanda went on vacation again. Amanda actually had a whim to go to Granite Falls, and since she had the vacation days, I let her go. This time, she invited Johnnie with her. She was hoping that he’d be more open to the idea of a relationship in his favorite place- the great outdoors.

02-04-15_3-08 PM

This time Amanda decided to save some money and rented a spot at the campsite instead of the cabin she got last time. She purchased a tent and some other supplies, and set up this comfortable vacation destination.

02-04-15_3-53 PM

The lovely bathrooms weren’t too far away (but still proved inconvenient when you had to use them in the middle of the night!).

02-04-15_3-56 PM 02-04-15_3-55 PM-2

Amanda made shish kebabs on the grill, and her & Johnnie sat down for their first meal together.

02-04-15_3-57 PM

Amanda was tired, so she took a nap on the bench after eating.

02-04-15_3-59 PM

Amanda started a campfire in hopes of attracting some of her neighboring campers to stop by to hangout.

02-04-15_4-00 PM

It worked and she had a good time with some folks whom she hopes to become friends with.

02-04-15_4-02 PM

Things started off well with Johnnie. He was flirting and acting interested.

02-04-15_4-03 PM-2

There was some tickling and cuddling.

02-04-15_4-04 PM

But then she put the moves on him and he once again rejected her. He was nice about it. I think Johnnie just wanted to move more slowly than Amanda did. He was still single and looking for a relationship, and he was clearly into Amanda. They’ve become very good friends, perhaps he wanted to be sure to not risk ruining the relationship?


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