The Bachelor Challenge!

So, I ignored the poll results. I was on the fence about making a new Bachelor challenge. I felt disappointed by the results of the polls, which told me that I really do want to do a new Bachelor. It’s my favorite challenge in the Sims universe, and I want to see how well it’ll work in the Sims 4.

I’ve been in a Sims mood lately, and this idea was pushed forward because I ran out of Sims to play….I’m in the process of writing more Amanda & Martha posts and I don’t want to get too far ahead. I need to wait a couple days in between Marina play sessions to allow folks to vote in the poll. And Community Sim #3 is still figuring out his damn hair (we have made some progress on that though!). So, making forms for the Bachelor & starting to set up the challenge became this evening’s entertainment.

What is the Sims Bachelor Challenge?

Some folks weren’t familiar with the concept. It’s like the TV show except with Sims. In my version of the challenge, my blog readers, friends, family and fellow simmers submit the Sims, or inspiration for the Sims. That gives them someone to root for. I make or choose a Bachelor, put all the ladies together, and then they have dates, challenges, etc…until the Bachelor finally chooses a wife. Then they get married and we continue to follow their story.

YOU, dear reader, do NOT need to play the Sims to submit a contestant!!!! I love, love, love making Sims based on other people’s suggestions (a main reason I love the Bachelor challenge). You just need to answer some questions through a Google form, and I’ll create you a Sim!

Here’s how to submit a contestant for my first Sims 4 Bachelor challenge. You have 3 options:

1) The Short Form– Click this one if you have no experience with the Sims, have a bit of free time (~15 minutes?), and would like to submit a Sim. Simmers are welcome to use this form as well if they don’t have a premade.

2) The Short Short Form–  Click this one for the very truncated 5 minute version.

3) The Gallery Form– Click this one if you own the Sims 4 and have a Sim on the gallery you wish to submit.

Where’s the long version? A far more detailed version of the form will eventually come out, and will continue to expand. But for now, we’ll use the above forms.

Have questions? Please ask! I’d love to start an FAQ.


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