Sims 4 News, New Content, Achievements Unlocked!

Sims 4 News

I know there are quite a few non-simmers that read this blog (and I find that awesome, by the way) and  you likely will not be up-to-date on happenings in the Sim world. So here is quick update!

Yesterday was a big day- the 15th anniversary of the Sims franchise! The perfect day to release an update on the next expansion. Coming in April, the newest Sims expansion will allow us to follow our Sims to work if they choose one of the new careers: detective, doctor, scientist, photographer or store owner. This expansion appears to combine the best aspects of two popular Sims expansions: Sims 2- Open for Business and Sims 3- Ambitions. We’ll be able to help our Sims solve crimes, heal the injured, and run cafes. This isn’t what I expected, nor what I had hoped, but it looks AMAZING. Sim fans everywhere seem very excited and blown away by the trailer. Who needs toddlers when you can be a DETECTIVE.

You can see a trailer and some still images here.

New Content

In addition to that fabulous news, we also received an update with some new content. Content included Valentine’s day objects and attire as well as a family tree function. You can observe a new shirt on Marina in the last post. Family trees were present in past Sims games, and it was something clearly lacking from this version. Legacy fans all around the world rejoiced! Some players prefer to play a single family line over many generations and family trees are essential for that. These family trees appear to be much larger and more detailed than previous versions.

Achievements Unlocked

I’ve completed 2 new achievements! I’ve unlocked “whimsical” for which I had to complete 100 whims across all my Sims. And I achieved “in game” for which I had to have played (or maybe just keep the game open) for 24 hours. I’ve completed 3% of the achievements. You can view the whole list by click “scoresheet” at the top of the screen.


One thought on “Sims 4 News, New Content, Achievements Unlocked!

  1. Congrats on finishing a couple achievements! I’ve noticed that the achievements do not carry over from one saved game to another (if you start fresh with a new game, you’d have to play in that neighborhood for another 24 hours to have that achievement for that game). It’s nice, though, that you don’t have to play just one household for that long!

    The new EP sounds pretty cool, especially since they hinted at aliens!

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