Martha reaches her goal of 5 fights

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Amanda just returned from her trip to the great outdoors where she got a crush on a bear and quit her job.

01-23-15_9-26 AM

The following evening, before Martha left for her job as a petty thief, Amanda made her dinner and they chatted about Amanda’s trip. Their chat was interrupted by a knock on the door…

01-23-15_9-30 AM

Whoa…it’s bear man…or Johnnie.

01-23-15_9-33 AM

They stayed on the porch until late chatting, and gazed at the stars together. Amanda tested the waters a little with some very, very minor flirting…and it was not shot-down, perhaps there is hope?

01-29-15_10-37 AM

While Amanda went to bed, Martha remembered she had the night off from being a thief, so she decided to work more on her goal of becoming a public enemy. She decided the nightclub would be a good place for this- as they are open late. She chose her victim- that guy :::points to photo above::: I can’t remember his name. She rudely introduced herself and then began causing some mischief.

01-29-15_10-38 AM

She invited him to a fake party (hence the hat) and gave him some fake bad news.

01-29-15_10-38 AM-2

She upped the game by trying to scare him. He stuck around for all of this! He was either in a self-loathing mood, or found her amusing.

01-29-15_10-39 AM

Martha has a goal of getting into 5 fights. She already had two from early in the week, so she decided to make it three…

01-29-15_10-40 AM

And then four….and the guy still didn’t leave after that, so she made it five. He left after that.

01-29-15_10-41 AM

This attractive lady, Jami, was amused by Martha. And introduced herself.

01-29-15_10-42 AM

She was impressed by the fighting (there was a fight talk bubble, but I missed catching it with the camera). Her and Martha chatted for quite some time. She was amused and impressed by Martha’s confidence and extravagant plans for the future (Martha was riding a confidence high after all the fighting).

01-29-15_10-42 AM-3

Martha showed off her muscles and Jami was amused, and maybe impressed.



01-29-15_10-43 AM 01-29-15_10-43 AM-2


Martha was feeling terribly confident still, so she tossed out a very bold pickup line, and it worked. I think they’ll be arranging a date soon. I think they are quite charming together.

01-29-15_10-44 AM

Martha ended the night (it was about 6am) by telling jokes at the night clubs microphone.

01-29-15_10-44 AM-2

There was NO ONE there, but at least she got some practice.

01-29-15_10-46 AM

She arrived home just as Amanda was leaving her for her new job in the world of business!




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