Amanda & Martha

If you didn’t read the first post on Amanda and Martha, please head here.

12-20-14_12-30 PM

Christmas has arrived at the home of Amanda Herman and Martha Herman (no relation).

12-20-14_12-31 PM

It doesn’t snow, or even get cold, in Willow Creek, but they put snow decorations up anyway.

12-20-14_12-32 PM

The stereo has been playing lovely holiday music.

12-20-14_12-38 PM

Both Amanda and Martha have been working nights, so breakfast sometimes happens at unusual times. Unlike Amanda, Martha doesn’t like cooking and prefers to have some sugary fruit-flavored cereal.

12-20-14_12-42 PM

Martha has been actively pursuing her lifetime desire to be Public Enemy #1 (of the Greater Willow Creek area). In her free time, she stands outside her home jeering and insulting pedestrians. Occasionally, she convinces one to fight with her.

12-20-14_12-45 PM

Sometimes there are even multiple fight victims on the same day. She keeps a record of them.

12-21-14_10-19 AM

Amanda is a gloomy individual. She can often be found chatting with the folks who answer the Sadness Hotline.

12-21-14_11-12 AM

Or crying herself to sleep under the covers.

12-21-14_10-22 AM

She is continuing to collect children’s toys in hopes of having a baby one day. In fact, she’s pretty focused on that goal.

12-21-14_11-13 AM

She’s even bought a bassinet. Just in case.

12-21-14_11-15 AM

Eliza Pancakes makes the mistake of coming over to the house.

12-21-14_11-16 AM

After insulting her clothing and her mother…

12-21-14_11-18 AM

…Martha manages to make Eliza her next fight victim.

12-21-14_11-18 AM-2

And then declares publicly that Eliza is her enemy!

12-21-14_11-21 AM

Amanda enjoys swimming every day.

12-21-14_11-23 AM

Amanda purchased monkey bars for her future children.

12-21-14_11-25 AM

Eventually, Amanda just decided to take her future family situation into her own hands. She didn’t need a romance, she just wanted a child. So, she dressed up in her party outfit (which looked nothing like I expected, but sometimes, like with small children, it’s fun to let them choose their own clothes) and headed for the local nightclub on her night off while Martha was at work.

12-21-14_11-27 AM

And there she met this guy….Rick? Rich? We can’t remember. He was pretty nice though.

12-21-14_11-35 AM

They danced and flirted, and flirted while dancing (thanks to Sims 4 multitasking, woohoo!).

12-21-14_11-44 AM

They went out behind the club to “chat”.

12-21-14_11-45 AM

And that’s when Amanda made her move.

12-21-14_11-46 AM

She invited him back to her place.

12-21-14_12-05 PM

And she learned he wears his sunglasses to bed.



One thought on “Amanda & Martha

  1. I really like the combo of these two ladies =) I don’t blame Martha for picking someone with the name of Pancakes as an enemy. Amanda’s party outfit is fabulous! Very patriotic 😉 Aww, I hate when that happens with a date 😉

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