Marina: Day 8

This is part of my “Community Sims” series where readers of this blog help create the Sims I use. Check out the rest of the posts here.  And please, feel free to vote in the most current poll to help me design the next community sim!

So far, you have decided that Marina should pursue the maximum level of gardening achievement and become friends with Travis and Summer. You also decided she should not pursue a relationship with Travis just yet. She is allowed to pursue three of her own whims per day, regardless as to whether or not that match our goals for her. She spends time cooking one decent meal a day, but the rest she just grabs something quick like yogurt or cereal.

Willowcreek: Day 8

Day 8 was pretty standard…work & gardening.

12-02-14_7-51 PM

When Marina came home she took a short swim in the pool- she likes enjoying the sunshine.

12-02-14_7-51 PM-2

Next she made some mac n’ cheese for dinner.

12-02-14_7-53 PM

And as usual, a bit of gardening.

12-02-14_7-54 PM

She’s got a lot of plants to take care of.

Since today was a short day, let’s take a look at the summary of Marina’s life so far…

Current Mood: Fine

Current Whims: Catch a fish, Chat with Someone

Job: Writer’s Assistant making 25 simoleans an hour

Skills: Charisma- 3, Comedy- 2, Cooking- 3, Fitness- 1, Gardening- 3, Handiness- 1, Video Gaming- 1

Relationships: Travis (Good Friend, Neighbor), Summer (Friend, Neighbor)

Age: 11 days until Adulthood




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